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Additives for drilling fluids and production chemicals.

BYK offers a wide range of additive solutions for the manufacture of drilling fluids, cementing, completion, stimulation and production chemicals. Furthermore BYK offers several additive lines that can be used to solve production related problems including asphaltene deposition, paraffin wax deposition, scale formation and corrosion.


  • BYK-GO 8710 and 8711
    BYK-GO 8710 and BYK-GO 8711 are multifunctional liquid paraffin solutions for crude oil and condensate applications....

  • BYK-GO 8710 and BYK-GO 8711 are multifunctional liquid paraffin solutions for crude oil and condensate applications to lower the overall pour point of the system by keeping paraffin crystals dispersed. Both are very effective in minimizing paraffin deposition.

    BYK-GO 8710 is used to treat a wide range of crude oils while maintaining high activity with a low pour point for easy handling/pumping, especially in extreme cold.

    BYK-GO 8711 is customized to perform well in crudes with a very high wax content, allowing for continual operation.

  • GARAMITE-1958
    GARAMITE-1958 is a mixed mineral thixotrope that boosts 6-rpm rheology, allowing for proper hole cleaning and faster drilling, providing minimal effect on high-end rheology....

  • With the ability to improve both yield point (YP) and plastic viscosity (PV), GARAMITE-1958 can create a robust system in any oil-based mud program. GARAMITE-1958 incorporates much faster than traditional organoclays and can be incorporated at any time, including while at a mud plant, or at a rig through a chemical hopper.

    Small additions of GARAMITE-1958 have a greater positive impact on mud properties in comparison to higher doses of other clay based additives.

  • BYK A-GS-615
    BYK A-GS-615 is a concentrated non-ionic surfactant used in non-emulsifier and micro-emulsion formulations for oil and gas well acidizing, fracturing, and work-over applications....

  • BYK A-GS-615 is typically diluted with water, alcohols or glycols and may be blended with other non-emulsifiers or stimulation additives as needed. It is compatible with most common additives, allowing it to easily blend into mud formulations or fracturing fluid packages, though fluid compatibility should be tested beforehand.

    The picture shows an emulsion tendency test with an Eagleford crude oil 50/50 with tap water. The left-hand bottle is untreated and shows both water in the oil layer, and oil in the water layer. The right-hand bottle is dosed with BYK A-GS-615 and shows clean oil and water, with a small interface that resolves with time and without further treatment.

    Typical dose rates for BYK A-GS-615 vary from 250ppm – 1500ppm for a commercial formulation, depending on the application.

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