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BioSqueeze, Inc.

130 N. Main Street
Butte,  MT  59701

United States
  • Booth: 1005

Sealed Well: Eliminate Sustained Annular Pressure

BioSqueeze Inc. provides full service biomineralization to seal leaks in cemented annuli. Our experts utilize natural biomineralization to stop leaks at their source. Our mineralizing solution penetrates deep into small aperture (as small as 1 micron wide) leakage pathways, forming a calcium carbonate barrier similar to limestone that provides a permanent gas-tight seal throughout the fracture.


    Using biomineralization, BioSqueeze® seals micro annuli by creating new minerals in leakage pathways. BioSqueeze® has proven to be extremely effective due to its low viscosity (similar to water), which allows it to go where other materials can't reach....

  • BioSqueeze: Sealed Well

    Eliminating sustained casing pressure can be a major challenge. Leaks can persist after multiple cement jobs, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and tying up crews for months on end. Avoid paying for another round of drillout and cement with BioSqueeze - a cost-effective solution that seals even the toughest leaks at a single flat rate.

    • Succeeds Where Others Fail: BioSqueeze has sealed leaks in multiple cemented annuli on the first attempt - often after dozens of other attempts using cements and resins have failed and millions have already been spent. BioSqueeze does the job right, the first time.
    • Permanent, Gas-Tight Seal: BioSqueeze forms crystalline calcium carbonate similar to limestone in micro annuli, readily bonding to steel, cement, and the formation to create an impermeable seal that eliminates leaks once and for all.
    • No Drillout Necessary: BioSqueeze fill leakage pathways without leaving any material in the main wellbore, so it can be applied without the need to drill out before or after, saving you time and money.
    • Superior Penetration: Our low viscosity (1.05 cP), environmentally friendly biomineralizing solution seals even the smallest leakage pathways (as small as 1 micron or 0.00008 inches wide), which no other technology can reach.
    • Green Technology: BioSqueeze uses natural and safe biomineralization technology, which poses no risk for aquifer contamination and generates less than 1/3 as much carbon dioxide equivalent as a traditional cement squeeze.

    BioSqueeze has successfully eliminated annular leaks in over 60 wells across 6 states in the U.S. since 2019. 

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