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Computer Modelling Group Ltd.

3710 33 Street NW
Calgary,  AB  T2L 2M1

  • Booth: 1035

CMG focuses on reservoir and production simulation software.

CMG is the market leading supplier of advanced oil and gas recovery process and production simulation software and provider of specialized consulting and funded research services. CMG offers products for Black Oil, Compositional and Thermal/Chemical reservoir fluid flow simulation, along with IPSM and production/facilities and 4D visualization software for better understanding of simulation results.

Brands: Simulators: GEM Compositional, IMEX Three Phase Black Oil, STARS Advanced Processes & Thermal, CoFlow Production & Facilities, WinProp, Builder Pre-Processor, Results Post-Processor, DynaGrid, CMOST


  • GEM CCS and Compositional Simulator
    GEM's advanced features in geochemistry, geomechanics and compositional modelling make it ideal for process simulation where accurate understanding of fluid behavior is key....

  • GEM is the world-leading Equation-of-State reservoir simulator for CCS, compositional, chemical and unconventional reservoir modelling. Applications include:

        - Carbon Capture and Storage: short an dlong term effects of carbon dioxide injection

        - Enhanced Oil Recovery: miscible/immiscible displacement, chemical EOR, non-steam based thermal processes

        - Unconventional Reservoirs: natural and hydraulic fractures

        - Chemical EOR: lab to field scale, miscible injection, foam, ASP, Low Salinity

        - Geomechanics: rigorous, iteratively-coupled 3D module for subsidence, compaction, dilation, thermal stress and caprock

  • IMEX Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator
    The IMEX Three Phase Black Oil Simulator is the ideal reservoir engineering tool where both speed and accuracy count....

  • IMEX Models primary and secondary oil recovery processes in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

        - Conventional Reservoirs: model simple to structurally complex, heterogeneous, oil and gas reservoirs, using small to very large scale multi-milluin grid cell models to achieve reliable production forecasts.

        - Unconventional Reservoirs: efficient production forecasts by one of the most sophisticated yeat easy to use tools for modelling naturally or hydraulically fractured reservoirs to accurately capture transient flow behaviour and to achieve better production forecasts.

        - Coupled Surface Network Modelling: optimize from the reservoir to the point of delivery by creating explicityly coupled subsurface and surface network models for both onshore and offshore applications. Integrated modelling with CoFlow or other third party surface networ simulators.

        - Secondary Oil Recovery: improve reservoir deliverability and optimize field development plans by predicting recovery for primary and secondary recovery methods in complex and heterogeneous reservoirs. Explore water injection, polymer injection, pseudo-miscible gas injection in continuous and WAG mode.

        - Intelligent Segmented Wells: accurately model teh flow and pressure change throughout the wellbore branches, tubing strings and equipment. Optimize well completions and downhole equipment, define and use advanced flow control devices (FCD's) to optimize injection and production strategy.

  • CoFlow Production and Facilities System Simulator
    CoFlow is a multi-function, multi-disciplinary, multi-fidelity tool for production and facilities engineers to maximize the capacity of the production system. Efficient coupling to IMEX or GEM enables true IPSM capabilities....

  • CoFlow is a collaborative working environment which allows production and facilities engineers to determione the best configuration of wells, gathering systems and field processing facilities to maximize the production potential of the asset.

        - Multi-Function: nodal analysis, completion design, artificial lift optimization, gathering system debottlenecking, facilities operating setpoints

        - Multi-Fidelity: couple to IPR curves, tank models or full reservoir models to match the production system to the reservoir, including geomechanics capabilities

        - Integrated Optimization and Uncertainty Assessment

        - Extensible: custom plug-ins for proprietary pieces of surface or completion equipment

        - Intuitive Workflow Driven User Interface

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