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43 Palace Mansions
Earsby St.
London,  W14 8QW

United Kingdom
+44 207 096 5065
  • Booth: 1212

Independent sand control software, consulting and training

DuneFront is an independent sand control consultancy focused on maximizing completion reliability. We offer a full range of sand control software, consulting and training services which encompass completion technique selection, design and evaluation. DuneFront was founded on the desire to simplify, strengthen and standardize conventional oilfield methodology through a fresh engineering perspective.


  • Software
    DuneFront's industry standard software solutions support you with time saving features in every stage of your project....

  • PackPro is a complete solution for sand control simulation, evaluation and optimization. It integrates advanced modeling and data analysis techniques, providing all the tools needed to design and analyze sand control treatments.

    DataPro makes it easy to manage numerical data in any application. It provides practical tools to seamlessly import, merge, modify, plot and export large datasets, facilitating the whole date handling process.

  • Consulting
    With over 100 years of sand control experience, DuneFront’s team works closely with you to develop optimized solutions for your sand control challenges....

  • We provide consulting services across all stages of field and well development to a wide variety of companies around the world, spanning everything from pre-development technique selection and design to installation best practices and post-development evaluation. As an independent company, DuneFront provides truly impartial advice to ensure that you get the best recommendations possible.

  • Training
    Invest in the future by building and maintaining in-house sand control expertise through our extensive, customizable training programs...

  • DuneFront's training programs are designed with the requirements of a diverse audience in mind, ranging from introductory to advanced and refresher courses. Our independent company status and industry standard software products enable us to provide an impartial, interactive and practical view of the technology and processes used across the industry.

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