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ESGWAY Corporation

STE 420C
Houston,  TX  77058

United States
  • Booth: 239

ESGWAY provides computational solutions that accelerate decarbonization and low-carbon energy transition. ESGWAY’s first-of-its-kind cloud-native software platform supports integrated CCS design, comprehensive cost estimation and multi-stakeholder financial modeling that enable large scale CO2 hub design and CCS partnership developments. 


    A comprehensive framework for integrated design & financial forecasting of CCS projects...

  • This application enables the analyst to integrate a wide range of technical and economic inputs for a CCS project and leverage built-in deterministic and probabilistic workflows to forecast and optimize project economics and performance.


    • Accelerate CCS project decision process by 10X
    • De-risk CCS projects financially
    • Maximize project value and ROI

    Physics-based CO2 storage forecasting...

  • CCS-FLOW provides simple-to-use physics-based tools for fast and reliable forecast of CO2 injection process for storage capacity and efficiency estimation, plume modeling and monitoring and environmental risk management.


    • Unlock storage value of subsuraface pore space
    • Optimize sequestration development
    • Forecast and monitor CO2 storage process

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