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Applied Petroleum Technology

1544 Sawdust Road, Suite 506
The Woodlands,  TX  77380

United States
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Optimize production, maximize returns with geochemistry

Applied Petroleum Technology (APT), your partner in improving asset value

APT has more than 2 decades of experience in assisting operators with their geochemical, biostratigraphic and modeling needs. APT's workflows are designed to offer solutions to maximize ROI and imporve production performance at minimal cost.

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Offices in Houston & Midland, Tx

Brands: APT Allomon, APT Girasol, Geochemical Consulting, Basin Modeling, Petroleum Systems Analyses, Physical Properties Prediction, Landing-Production-Completion Optimization.


  • APT Allomon
    Geochemical workflow for optimizing landing, production and completions. Includes a proprietary unmixer for the determination of source contributions from stacked compartments....

  • Most value is created or lost in the early phases of a projects life. Make sure the right assumptions are applied when planning pad developments, ensuring improved well performance across your acreage.

    When deploying APT Allomon, operators can achieve significant improvement of asset value by reducing CAPEX, OPEX and DRILLEX. 

    APT Allomon enables assets to:

    • Optimize numbers of production wells
    • Identify more effective well drainage patterns
    • Maximize effective production.​

    Applying APT Allomon does not interfere with normal production. This enables deployment while maintaining production levels and protecting revenue generation.​

    The methodology analyses fluid compositions to understand variations in production contribution from individual wells and reservoir compartments. Understanding local variations in well and reservoir performance is essential for efficient well planning and production optimization.​Fluid samples are taken using standard sampling equipment. This means that added costs by deploying APT Allomon are dramatically lower than alternatives. ​

  • APT Girasol
    APT Girasol is a software designed for the rapid processing, display and interpretation of wellsite gas data. It is designed primarily as a tool for identification of pay and phase (including GOR) in wells and can be run independent of other methods....

  • Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) in partnership with Tim Dodd and ARKCLS have developed APT
    Girasol, a software toolkit for the rapid processing, display and interpretation of wellsite gas data.

    The APT Girasol approach involves a normalization function and several QA/QC steps in an intuitive, easy to use application. The method involved a digital record of the fluid fill of the sections drilled - supplementing petrophysical analysis and providing constrainton sections not logged, or where tool failures have led to a high level of uncertainty.

    APT Girasol ensures the following added value to operator datasets:

    • Adds value to existing well data sets - for example to identify missed pay, and understand pressure state.
    • Provides an estimate on the distribution of both pay and phase (including GOR) in wells.
    • Provides the potential to reduce data acquisition costs.
    • Create correlations between normalizes gas and porosity/water saturation
    • Provides a cost effective tool to select zones for sampling or potentially fracturing
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