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7606 Pine Heath Ct.
Humble,  TX  77396

United States
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Changing the Oil Industry by Making Better Wells.

InflowControl has invented and commercialized the AICV® technology to oil and gas operators around the world. Our vision is to change the oil industry to become more sustainable and cost efficient by reducing unwanted water and gas production yet increasing oil production and recovery. The AICV® technology has shown impressive results with over 200 wells deployed globally.


  • AICV® | Autonomous Inflow Control Valve
    AICV® technology reduces unwanted gas and water breakthrough enabling mature fields to be more profitable by supporting oil production in typically bypassed oil zones....

  • InflowControl’s game-changing technology invention, the Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®) improves environmental factors and optimize oil production in existing and new oil fields by reducing water and gas production. 

    AICV® vastly improve economics and environmental factors to optimize oil production. The environmental and economic benefits of the AICV® is to balance inflow of oil along a horizontal well, by autonomously choking the breakthrough compartments, and produce from the rest of the reservoir. The AICV® technology has proven to provide operators with astonishing payback periods of 3-6 months.

    The AICV® technology innovation has been field-proven in 200 wells globally where it has managed un-wanted gas and water production while increasing oil production. Over 20 publications articulating the technology and its applications within a variety of reservoirs articulates the game-changing value this technology brings to the upstream industry.

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