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Well Master Corporation

16201 Table Mountain Pkwy, Suite #100
Suite #100
Golden,  CO  80403

United States
  • Booth: 319

Well Master. Produce More. Spend Less.

The Well Master Corporation was founded in Denver, Colorado and has been providing plunger lift solutions since 1984. Well Master was formed with a mission to engineer and manufacture the most durable and innovative artificial lift systems available. While we have grown and evolved significantly over the past three decades, our unrelenting commitment to innovation and high quality products remains.


  • Screamin' Eagle
    The Screamin' Eagle Plunger is a clutched or unclutched, continuous run, bypass plunger. This plunger is for deep, fast-flowing wells with high gas or liquid volumes. It is also for wells in the initial stages of liquid loading....

  • The Screamin' Eagle Plunger has a robust high strength alloy clutch designed to prevent premature valve actuation. This plunger is designed for high cycle rates for optimal deliquification. There are various versions available such as 2 or 4 large ports for efficient fall time which rivals ball and sleeve designs.

  • The Venturi™ Viper Plunger
    The Venturi™ Viper Plunger is a breakthrough innovation that bridges the gap between continuous and conventional run plungers....

  • The Venturi™ Viper Plunger has a Patented Dynamic Seal™ that provides an ideal solution for horizontal and directional wells and has been proven in a wide range of wells from low to high rates and is very effective in Low Gas-Liquid Ratio (GLR) wells. The Venturi™ Viper falls fast with an efficient lift with no moving parts that behave like a traveling gas lift valve. 

    The Venturi™ Viper Plunger has spin-cleaning action that works on the plunger fall and upstroke with variable groove depth and spin turbulence, increasing sealing efficiency. This plunger is made of hardened steel plated with electroless nickel for extended life.

  • The Original Viper™ Plunger
    The Original Viper™ Plunger is a high-performance, all-purpose, extended-life plunger well suited for a variety of applications including horizontal and directional wells and those that produce sand, paraffin, and coal fines....

  • The Original Viper™ Plunger has a patented Dynamic Seal™ technology with variable groove depth and spin turbulence that keeps the plunger centered in the tubing resulting in lower lifting costs and extending plunger life. The Viper has spin-cleaning flutes that work on cutting debris during plunger downstroke and exterior connecting holes direct spinning turbulent gas to the tubing wall evening out wear and minimizing fluid fall back. 

    This plunger is uniquely crafted from hardened steel and plated with electroless nickel providing superior durability by extending the time between replacements, increasing your wells' profits and productivity with consistent run times to help fine tune wells on automation.

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