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Flogistix, LP  

6529 N Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City,  OK  73116

United States
  • Booth: 1817

We provide atmospheric and production optimization solutions

Flogistix provides atmospheric and production optimization solutions specific to your site’s challenges. We make it possible to increase revenue and reduce emissions. Our vapor recovery and leak detection solutions work together to keep your site in compliance and eliminate your need to vent or flare. Using both petroleum engineering expertise and cloud computing technology, we design highly intelligent machines that give you maximum production control. Our 98% runtime guarantee means our equipment will always work for you.


FLOGISTIX - It's All In The Details
FLOGISTIX - Atmospheric Solutions

 Press Releases

  • Flogistix Expands Manufacturing Capabilities
    Flogistix to open El Reno Campus

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (May 17, 2022) Mims Talton, President and Chief Executive Officer of
    Flogistix, is pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s manufacturing capabilities with a new
    facility located in El Reno, Oklahoma. With this addition, Flogistix will have 259,000 square feet of
    manufacturing space for vapor recovery units (VRU) and other compression technologies and will scale
    up to a facility workforce of more than 150 people.

    “With this new facility, Flogistix will be able to meet the high demand for our products,” said Talton.
    “Our VRUs and data-driven technology are crucial in helping the oil and gas industry reduce methane
    emissions, increase revenue, and stay compliant with increasing government regulations.”

    The addition of the El Reno campus is in direct response to the rising demand for Flogistix’s vapor
    recovery units and a strong commitment to meeting customer needs. It also signals confidence in the oil
    and gas industry and the El Reno community. The new facility is slated to open in July with an open
    house scheduled for August 4.

    Vapor recovery technology reduces the need to vent and flare because the emissions that would have
    been burned or released are captured and sold. Flogistix provides atmospheric solutions that are an
    effective tool for decarbonization and crucial to providing reliable and affordable energy to the world.

    “We are fortunate to have a company like Flogistix expanding into our community providing good
    quality jobs to our citizens,” said Mayor Matt White. “The city of El Reno is happy to be partnering with
    Flogistix on this endeavor and knows the resources available including our outstanding CV Tech will
    provide support and opportunities to this project.”

    “As a company headquartered in Oklahoma, we are dedicated to this state,” Talton said. “We are proud
    to invest in El Reno and its people, and we are committed to a long-term presence in the community.”

    Real Estate specialist Travis Mason of Cushman Wakefield and landlord OKC West Industrial Park helped
    finalize the deal.

    A leader in production optimization and atmospheric solutions, Flogistix specializes in well-head
    compression, vapor recovery applications, and methane detection. Headquartered in Oklahoma City,
    Flogistix operates in nearly every major U.S. shale play and basin and provides service through 14
    regional field offices and warehouses located in 7 states. For more information, please visit


  • Vapor Recovery Unit
    The FX series is a collection of rotary screw compressors designed for versatility. FX compressors can perform a variety of applications, from vapor recovery to production optimization, while meeting the most demanding gas compression requirements....

  • We design Flogistix equipment with an engineering approach — driven by data and precision — to optimize production and reduce emissions. Our solutions feature the most intelligent technology to work both smart and hard, even in dynamic operating conditions — all while maintaining an industry best 98% runtime guarantee.
  • Air Methane Solutions
    Flogistix offers two technology solutions and three detection methods to pinpoint methane leaks along the industry value chain. Our aerial and handheld technology uses laser, sniffer and optical gas imaging to detect vapors....

  • Our AirMethane solutions, both handheld and aerial, use Optical Gas Imaging thermal imaging to identify leaks and our aerial drones are also equipped with methane sniffers and laser detection systems. These layers of technology offer unparalled accuracy. Our solutions also pair well with Flux, our performance dashboard. Flux stores each site's historical leak detection monitoring and reporting for compliance reporting.
  • Smart Gas Lift
    We combined our most intelligent technologies to create the SMART Gas Lift — an artificial gas lift that uses full automation to continuously achieve the perfect injection rate and maximum well performance....

  • Advanced gas compressor automation meets computerized petroleum engineering in our SMART Gas Lift solution. By pairing our Logix PLC control panel with our Ariel reciprocating compressor and Cummins driver, we developed a best-in-class mechanical design with top-tier instrumentation and controls. This innovative and robust design works in even the most dynamic operating conditions for proven well optimization.
  • GLX4 Multi-Well Gas Lift Optimization and Control
    The GLX4 is a bundled compact skid that offers injection optimization for up to four wells, ensuring the well is never under- or over-injected. It is engineered to work with any high-pressure gas source <1800 psi, whether from pipelines or compressors....

  •     GLX4 Multi-Well Gas Lift Optimization and Control Solution
    • Sense well operating characteristics
    • Analyze live streaming production values
    • Compute real-time optimum injection rate, tailored specifically for the well’s design and current operating conditions
    • Using the advanced Critical Rate mode, the Smart Gas Lift system responds instantly to variations in line pressure, changes to production volumes, or any other variable affecting your well
    • With continuous data processing, pressure effects as small as a fraction of 1 psi are identified
  • Wellhead Compression
    The FX series is a collection of rotary screw compressors designed for versatility. FX compressors can perform a variety of applications, from vapor recovery to production optimization, while meeting the most demanding gas compression requirements....

  • Our proven wellhead compression solutions are the reason we lead the industry in production optimization. We start with intelligently-designed compressors, backed by completely automated technology that maintains optimal well production backed by completely automated technology that maintains optimal well production.
  • Custom Fabrication
    Our innovative engineering team will partner with you to design a custom solution for your application. We can update any Flogistix compressors to fit your specifications, or produce new pieces of equipment such as water processing plants and gas coolers....

    • Custom Fabrication Experience
    • Compressors
    • Gas coolers
    • Recycle pumps
    • Skids or code vessels
    • Transfer pumps, stainless steel or carbon steel
    • Trailer-mounted equipment
    • Vapor recovery towers
    • Vapor recovery units
    • Water processing plants
    • Water pumps
  • Parts and Services
    We have extensive access to parts and services nationwide to meet your needs no matter the challenge. If we don’t have a part, we can get it — and as a direct supplier, we pass our cost savings on to you....

  • Standard Parts and Services

    • Bearings
    • Belts
    • Compressors
    • Control panel parts
    • Coolers
    • Engines
    • Filters
    • Motors
    • Pumps
    • Seals and o-rings

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