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Kongsberg Digital  

10777 Westheimer Rd
Suite 1200
Houston,  TX  77042

United States
  • Booth: 1244

Process simulators, flow assurance and dynamic digital twins

Kongsberg Digital's dynamic solutions enable your organization to optimize and manage your operations throughout the lifecycle of your asset. From design to FEED, commission and through operations, we help you increase performance and efficiency, reduce safety risks and costs, and reduce downtime on land or offshore.


We’re an industrial software company that develops simulators, flow assurance software and digital twins which can all be utilized autonomously or integrated together to build new ways of working. We truly believe that digitalization will drive more efficient and sustainable operations, creating a better tomorrow for people, businesses, and society. 

The Kongsberg Digital team is committed to continuously innovate, and with our powerful blend of data science, technology development, and domain expertise, we are creating game-changing technology. 

Brands: Kongsberg Digital - Digital Energy - Digital Wells - Digital Ocean


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 Press Releases

  • Business Challenge

    • Provide virtual flow metering and back-up of physical metering.
    • Provide accurate “window-into-the-pipeline”
    • Maintain accuracy even when subsea physical sensors fail.
    • Create decision support tool to efficiently plan and manage production and assured flow.
    • Provide historical data reconciliation

    Approach: LedaFlow® and K-Spice® The Ultimate Dynamic Life-cycle Simulator

    • Integrated subsea/topside simulated in KOGT’s proprietary dynamic process simulation program K-SpiceTM and LedaFlow.
    • Automatically calibrated online simulator with composition tracking provides real time virtual flow metering, back-allocation and accurate flow conditions in wellbores and pipelines.
    • Methanol, LDHI, and Paraffin inhibitor tracking provided, which aids in Hydrate and wax monitoring.
    • Capability to connect to OPC DA and HDA to receive real-time or past field measurements as well as to write unmeasured model calculated values back to operator screens.
    • Planning HDA simulator developed, which can load and re-run past model/measured conditions for historical data reconciliation using update reservoir data as well as to investigate production issues.
    • Use of Real Time data to monitor pig location and provide arrival estimates to replace failed pig detectors and expensive clamp on monitoring systems

    Benefits and Value Created

    • Accurate real-time virtual flow rates and pipeline flow conditions are available irrespective of the status of field MPFMs (most subsea MPFMs and down hole gauges failed during first year of production.)
    • VFMS aids engineers in reservoir planning and production optimization – well re-routing, pigging, hydrate inhibition, choke setting.
    • Real-time monitoring of pig location and arrival estimates alert and prepare platform operations
  • Business Challenge

    • Provide virtual flow metering and back-up of physical metering.
    • Provide accurate “window-into-the-pipeline”
    • Maintain accuracy even when subsea physical sensors fail.
    • Flow Assurance needs
      • Hydrate monitoring
      • Corrosion monitoring
      • Cool down monitoring

    Approach: LedaFlow® and K-Spice® The Ultimate Dynamic Life-cycle Simulator

    • Validated software and completed vendor selection using Marco Polo Riser Base Gas Lift data
    • Fully compositional multiphase transient model
    • Individual well rate measurements from each block necessary before commingling.
    • Tuned models and scenarios
      • Quicker analytical analysis
      • Real-time comparison and history matching
    • Subsea and Topside modeling interface
      • High fidelity transient multiphase simulation
      • High fidelity topsides model
    • System updated and maintained for new wells and reservoir conditions

    Benefits and Value Created

    • Monitor Subsea MPFM and volume flow comparison
    • Planning and “What if” scenarios using Simulator
    • Model predictions from different well completion zones
  • Business Challenge

    • Provide Integrated Dynamic Compositional Simulation of Multiphase Pipeline Network and Treatment Facilities to Assist in Planning, Operation and Production Management
    • Create easy to access and use friendly Web Interface for Real Time Monitoring

    Approach: LedaFlow® and K-Spice® The Ultimate Dynamic Life-cycle Simulator

    • Build Subsea model using LedaFlow and Topsides model using K-Spice
    • Delivered system in 3 waves with custom training courses
    • Network includes 8 FPSOs, one fixed platform, and 2 onshore terminals
    • Over 1000 Km of pipe network
    • Create Real Time mode. Acts as a “virtual plant” of the modeled facility and runs receiving online measurements as boundary conditions
    • Develop Look Ahead mode as integral part of the Real-time simulator and controlled through the same interface. Uses a snapshot of the actual state from the Real-time as initial conditions and start point for the future predictions
    • What if Simulator runs independent from the Real-time and Look-ahead. Real-time can be used as initial condition
    • Access data from PI Historian using OPC. Create a mirror PI historian in Kongsberg’s K-IMS web package

    Benefits and Value Created

    • Application modules include – Hydrate Monitoring, Slug Monitoring, Corrosion Monitoring, Pig Tracking, Chemical Tracking, Automatic Model Tuning
    • Provides the user a large range of inferred data
    • Support the investigation of system behavior to different operating actions.
    • Track CO2 concentration peaks in system
    • Test operational procedures
  • Business Challenge

    • Predict condensate accumulation in steam pipes that can result unsafe condition called condensate induced waterhammer that can result in catastrophic pipe explosion.
    • Model equipment in real time for accurate balance between load, supply and condensate loss.
    • Account for all steam usage, steam loss to condensate, condensate removal via steam traps, effect of ambient temperature and pipe tunnel flooding
    • The steam network servicing New York is one of the oldest, largest, and most complex systems in the world

    Approach: LedaFlow® and K-Spice® The Ultimate Dynamic Life-cycle Simulator

    • LedaFlow model of 100 miles of steam distribution pipe in Manhattan. Service loads, steam traps, manholes, valves, blowoffs are modelled.
    • Joint effort between Kongsberg and ConEdison to develop the real time system. Kongsberg provided the engineering and runtime software and technical solutions. ConEdison resources building the models andproviding the piping geometry with Kongsberg in advisory role.
    • Model built in submodels for phased increase in scope.
    • Real time system can be upgraded to advanced Information Management System
    • Kognifai platform for data gathering, visualization and monitoring. Provides web based GUI with GIS mapping capability.

    Benefits and Value Created

    • First-of-its-kind two-phase steam pipeline model that provides real time alerts to the Steam Distribution operations on conditions for condensate build up and water hammer predictions.
    • Kognifai platform and offline Planning Simulator provides enhanced trending, visualization, “what-if” analysis, and case investigation


  • K-Spice® - Process and Control Design Verification
    Our K-Spice® Design software is dynamic process tool that enables engineers to build and design a process facility from very simple systems to large, complicated plants....

  • K-Spice® - Process and Control Design Verification allows continuous simulations to run throughout project development and operational phases, enabling process and control design verification.

    As your project progresses from concept phase through to commissioning, available technical information increases and the simulator functionality evolves in parallel.

    The typical engineering and design phase starts with a steady-state simulation model for heat and mass balance, followed by a more detailed dynamic process simulator. The sooner the dynamic process model is built, the sooner it can be used to improve and validate process and control system design.

    Avoid costly re-engineering and start-up delays through three verification and test areas:

    Increase the understanding of process interactions and dynamics, and develop and verify process design, including HAZOP analysis cases.

    Develop and verify basic control and advanced process control strategies.

    Test how the process will behave during a process shutdown.

  • K-Spice® Train
    The K-Spice® Train Operator Training Simulator (OTS) trains the process operators on how to operate the process in all operational modes in a realistic and safe environment....

  • The dynamic process model is connected to and controlled by an identical copy of the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) used for the specific plant. It will familiarize the operators in how to use the Operator Station interface together with the operational procedures. The system can monitor any value or status in the model and give or take away points based on a defined range. It grades the order in which actions are done making it useful for procedure validation. K-Spice® Train can also set malfunctions based on time or trigger events defined in the training scenario.

    • Includes integrated subsea and topsides models
    • Process startup
    • Process familiarization
    • Emergency response training
    • Control system training
    • Refresher course
    • Assessment evaluation tool (Exercise Manager)
  • Kognitwin® - Dynamic Digital Twin
    Kognitwin® at its simplest, provides access to all real-time and static data, structured and unstructured, from the oil & gas asset in one place through a simple virtual interface....


    Get new possibilities for design validation processes, cross-team collaboration, workflow execution, data unification, and sophisticated simulation capabilities. From upstream to downstream, Kognitwin empowers a wide range of energy facilities to drive successful digitalization and move towards more autonomous operations.


    Gain full insight into facility assets, unlocking the potential for remote training, data capture, net-zero emissions reporting, and optimized operations. Our industrial work surface helps customers visualize and contextualize operations digitally from any location, at any time, so that anyone in the team can become an energy expert.


    A digital twin helps break down operational and project silos to provide a single source of information by ingesting, cleaning, integrating, and contextualizing data in one place.  Now users can connect information from several sources and take informed data-driven decisions.

  • LedaFlow® Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator
    LedaFlow® solves mass, energy, and momentum conservation for the three phases of multiphase flow, improving the accuracy in simulation of critical transient events and provides a step change in understanding of fluid behavior. <br />...

  • LedaFlow® is the product of years of development by SINTEF, Total Energies, ConocoPhillips and KONGSBERG.
    • Advanced thermal modelling: Accurate information determined during stratified flow and blow down conditions.  Buried pipe models provide heat conduction from the inner surface of the pipe to the exterior surface of the soil for estimating corrosion rates and pipe-wall temperatures.
    • Slug flow modelling: Slug Capturing® is the first commercially available solution to accurately predict hydrodynamic slug behavior without user input, capturing the initiation and growth of waves and hydrodynamic slugs.
    • Model validation: Extensively validated against the most comprehensive experimental data sets to ensure that the models are as representative as possible.
    • Latest technology: 3D visualization makes understanding of the multiphase flow easier and includes a comprehensive relational database.  Links seamlessly to the K-Spice® Dynamic Process Simulator for unrivalled Integrated Simulation
  • K-Spice® Analyze
    K-Spice® Analyze models and monitors all critical process equipment to give a detailed insight into how the equipment is performing against design data....

  • By utilizing high fidelity thermodynamics and physics models based on first principles, K-Spice® Analyze can continuously give you deep insight into how your process equipment should be performing. Comparing simulated against actual measurements, K-Spice Analyze® enables you to trend increasing deviations over time, allowing for advanced maintenance optimization based on performance decline. K-Spice® Analyze also provides detailed information about the current state of the monitored equipment enabling the possibility to run optimization studies for the current operating limitations. All required measurements will be fed into the K-Spice® Analyze system either from plant measured data or calculated data from the K-Spice® Match model if the plant transmitter is missing or has failed. Current supported equipment for performance monitoring:

    • Centrifugal Compressor
    • Centrifugal Pump
    • Displacement Pump
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Control/Choke valves
    • Transmitter
  • K-Spice® Assure
    K-Spice® Assure enables process, production and flow assurance engineers to carry out high-fidelity dynamic simulation-based studies when a combination of process equipment with single/multiphase pipeline is also required....

  • In addition to the fully featured K-Spice® Design software, multiphase pipe modules are included to allow users to work on integrated multiphase pipelines and process models. The product comes with a seamless installer and combined licensing to support a fully integrated workflow:
    • Includes all features of K-Spice® Design, our dynamic engineering process simulator
    • Includes dynamic well/pipe modules, that work seamlessly with process equipment such as Slug Catchers, Separators, Pumps, Compressors and more.
    • Work either on stand-alone process studies OR combined multiphase pipelines + process studies
    • Compressor studies
    • Chemical injection studies
    • Water hammer studies
    • Well operations studies (including ESP)
    • Closed loop gas lift studies
    • Slugging effects on topsides studies
    • Production startup studies
    • Control philosophy studies
    • Slugging related instabilities in process pipe
  • K-Spice® Assure RT
    K-Spice® RT Real Time Flow Assurance System, using K-Spice® and Leda Flow®, utilizes available sensors in subsea and topside systems to gain a full picture of production along with predictive calculations....

  • Access to the data and a current dynamic model assist in decision support, avoiding potential problems and contributing to your operation’s optimal production and performance. In addition to the real-time model these systems provide a look-ahead mode, where it is possible to predict what will happen in the future with the present operation, and a planning mode, where the operators can plan future operations:

    • 24/7 flow assurance model that is always in-sync with the field conditions
    • Automatically monitors and returns feedback on future problems
    • Plans future operations
    • Smart Applications to meet operational challenges:
    • Hydrate/wax formation margin prediction
    • Cool down time monitoring
    • Slug/pig tracking
    • Chemical injection monitoring
    • Holdup monitoring
    • Corrosion/erosion monitoring
    • Leak monitoring
    • Composition tracking
  • K-Spice® Design
    K-Spice® Design is a dynamic simulator that allows the user to carry out a wide range of detailed engineering tasks, such as: process design verification, control and safety analysis, debottlenecking and design optimization for a plant facility....

  • Allows models to be built using minimal data at an early stage in a project for early design analysis, which can then be developed in stages as data becomes available, into a high-fidelity representation of the production facility.

    • Development and verification of process design and ICSS control strategies
    • Support HAZOP studies
    • Equipment sizing and specification
    • Analysis of compressor system design
    • Load balancing
    • Sensitivity to process disturbances and upsets
    • Development and verification of the operational procedures
    • Test how the process will behave during a process shutdown
    • Verify that the shutdown logic protects the process
    • Test the ability to reset all active shutdowns and start up the process after complete process shutdown
    • Detailed testing of all causes and effects
    • Investigate integrity of safety systems
  • K-Spice® Learn
    K-Spice® Learn is a series of high-fidelity Generic Training Simulator models designed specifically for learning and training purposes. The models include typical process equipment and control loops that accurately reflect the behavior of a real process....

  • The models are robust and accurate over a wide range of operating conditions and are able to run both in real time and faster than real time. Extensive and detailed documentation such as user manual, process description, and operating manuals are delivered with the K-Spice Learn process models. The simulator is an excellent visual aid to help enhance the learning experience and is designed to create a safe and informative environment for expanding knowledge in an effective way. Training can be set up for varying degrees of difficulty and adapted to target specific skills. The simulator is suitable for students and trainees as well as experienced personnel in several disciplines including chemical, process and automation engineers, operators and operation support staff. The K-Spice Exercise Manager enables  automated exercises, allows for KPI definitions and provides assessment reports.
  • K-Spice® Match
    K- Spice® Match enables the possibility to initialize a process model with process data from the real plant to compare and replicate plant behavior....

  • This is a major improvement compared to traditional methods, where a process model must be run manually to match a specific condition. With K- Spice® Match, the model is connected to the real plant, and follows the status of reality at all times. This makes it possible to create an initial condition for your model at any time, and you can start your study or training session with fresh conditions. The process model following the real plant operation provides confidence to the process engineer.

    • Replicate the plant status and behavior
    • Validate simulator model
    • Data comparison
    • Initialize “what-if” simulations, optimize simulations and training simulator sessions
    • Perform incident re-runs
    • Distribution of initial conditions and complete models backups
    • Share simulation cases and models
    • Effective maintenance of the simulator model
  • K-Spice® Meter
    K-Spice® Meter is a highly accurate Virtual Flow Metering System which utilizes historical data, dynamic physical models of the wells and advanced machine learning algorithms to provide oil/condensate, water and gas flows from each well....

  • By utilizing both machine learning and dynamic physical models it provides an extremely fast and robust solution. This gives a unique insight into how the system performs and allows the user to see how the system performs during transient situations. It is a supplement to advanced multiphase flow meters and can also be an alternative. The dynamic model used in K-Spice Meter is synchronized in real time using control signals from the field, e.g. when a valve is opened in the field, the same valve will open in the model. The machine learning model will be based on transmitter values and choke positions which will provide accurate flows for the 3 phases.

    • Reliable subsea multiphase metering per well based on high fidelity flow assurance model
    • Detection of gas or water breakthrough in the wells
    • An alternative to physical subsea meters which are typically very expensive and unreliable
    • Installation and maintenance of such systems is much simpler than for physical meters
  • K-Spice® Power
    The K-Spice Power modules provide evaluation of the power system design from black-start to normal operation....

  • Solution is unique in terms of full integration towards the electrical equipment driving the process equipment, giving a high fidelity electromechanical power model driving the high fidelity process equipment. The total package yields a complete sandbox environment for full validation / verification and energy optimization.

    • Fully integrated with the high fidelity process model enabling a complete system for energy optimization both in terms of energy usage and flaring
    • Can be integrated towards any DCS vendor
    • Retrofit capable – The K-Spice® Power Model is an easy add on to your already existing simulator
    • Supports direct integration with NetSim where gas turbines is modelled at the highest accuracy in the market
    • Enable realistic testing of Micronet Fuel Control logic against SAS in one environment
    • Startup power evaluation of Direct On-Line machines
    • Adds insight into how power surges or voltage dips affect the stability of the process
    • Evaluate and optimize load shedding strategies

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