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Riteks, Inc.

11917 Cutten Rd.
Houston,  TX  77066

United States
  • Booth: 223

Riteks provides fit-for-purpose cementing solutions.

Riteks partners with your operational and engineering teams to develop customized solutions to aid in Oil & Gas drilling, foucused on fit-for-purpose cementing solutions & resin design for predictable product performance.  We offer chemistry expertise, full -service in-house laboratory, cement simulations, and engineering support for your operations.

 Press Releases

  • At Riteks, we consider innovation to be our duty as a company, as our customers must rise to new challenges each successive year.  We specialize in developing advanced oilfield solutions, industrial coatings, and construction products that hold up even in the most extreme environments, protecting your valuable assets from high heat and damaging chemicals.  A recent breakthrough product in oilfield solutions is our Membrane Sealing (MS) Spacer, a highly-adaptable spacer that will work for remedial, primary, and loss-circulation cementing situations.

    Customizable Sealing Properties

    MS Spacer is customizable to applications in oilfield cementing applications from traditional rigs to fracturing sites.  This oil well cementing solution is becoming widely-used in the oil and natural gas industry, because it has excellent compatibility with both drilling fluids and cement.  MS Spacer boasts adjustable rheology and elevated temperature stability, showing stability across a wide range, at both 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Additionally, MS Spacer has shown the ability to create a strong bond with cement and effectively deliver zonal isolation, which makes for flexible application.  When utilized, MS Spacer creates a low-permeability membrane across the formation, and it develops surface tension, micro-fractures, and pores to mitigate gas and liquid loss from the cement slurry.  MS Spacer has the ability to seal a formation and give your cement job a higher fracture gradient, allowing drilling locations that would otherwise be near impossible to reach.  For example, MS Spacer turns the installation of an integrated engineering pump into a single-stage job, rather than requiring installation over the normal two stages. 

    Due to the versatility and advanced capabilities of this product, many of our customers use MS Spacer as their workhorse, everyday weighted, viscous spacer.

    Cost-Efficient and Easy Application

    MS Spacer is a versatile cementing solutions tool that delivers greater profitability.  The addition of 0.5-2.0 ppb of fiber is more cost-efficient and easier to apply than larger amounts of LCM particulate.  Additionally, MS Spacer reduces cement loss and mitigates formation damage, which will save you money and mitigate risk on each project.  

    MS Spacer boasts a hydration time of 2-5 minutes, compared to other polymers which can take upwards of 7-10 minutes.  Another time-saving aspect of this product is that when mixing a cement product with water, adding this spacer will cause less foam generation.  The technical team at Riteks designed to give favorable carrying and suspension properties, while maintaining lower viscosity than competing products.  Compared to similar spacer, MS Spacer is a more consistent blend throughout, with an improved yield point that results in better suspension.

    MS Spacer, along with our RadiLock healing application, is an important product in the Riteks lineup for elite oilfield applications.  We leverage the technical expertise of a team with decades of global oilfield servicing experience, turning this expertise into some of the industry's most effective cementing solutions.

    For more information on MS Spacer and more, contact the team at Riteks today.  We are at your service, with quick turns on all orders from our ready inventory warehoused at strategic locations.

  • Riteks operates to the very highest standards of the chemical manufacturing industry, maintaining certification according to responsible distribution standards set by the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD).  We maintain a rigorous compliance program, meeting or exceeding all standards for chemical manufacturing and distribution for a host of government agencies.  As an active member of NACD, Riteks adheres to the following Responsible Distribution Guiding Principles as part of its ongoing certification and compliance.  

    In addition to these stringent standards set forward by our industry here in United States, we also meet the demands of the international community in form of ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

    WHAT IS ISO: 9001: 2015?

    ISO 9001, first published in 1987 and updated in 2015, is the international standard for quality management systems, as laid out by the International Organization for Standardization, an agency that helps the international community achieve acceptable standards that transcend borders.  Our products must meet the standards of both our customers and regulatory bodies, and those stakeholders can be here in the USA or in virtually every corner of the globe where our products are used in settings from oilfields to construction and manufacturing.

    What's a Quality Management System?

    In chemical manufacturing, it's critical that our products achieve a high level of consistency and performance.  How we execute on quality is everything in our industry, and our consistency can make or break our company, a trusted supplier of products ranging from concrete admixtures to paints and coatings, for more than 30 years.

    We've made the choice at Riteks to follow the highest standards we know, whether they are meted out by the industry or ISO.  In the case of ISO, the 9001 standard revised in 2015 informs our quality management system, which formalizes the way we document our processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving our quality objectives and complying with quality standards.  ISO 9001 is especially influential as we develop new products.  Since a significant component of our business is in custom chemical manufacturing, it's important to maintain performance standards from product design through to packaging and launch.

    IMS 9001 is comprised of seven quality management principles:

    • Leadership
    • Engagement of People
    • Customer Focus
    • Process Approach
    • Improvement
    • Relationship Management
    • Evidence-based decision making

    As you can see, these principles demand the involvement of everyone at our company, from our leadership to our technical specialists that oversee manufacturing, packaging, and logistics, as well as our customer-facing team.  ISO 9001 places specific emphasis on management responsibilities, including the management of resources, people, and work environments.

    What Does This Mean for Riteks Customers?

    The ISO 9001: 2015 difference is a big one for Riteks customers.  As an early adopter if this new set of quality standards, we embraced the concept of continuous improvement in this area.  With our commitments at business unit level, through cross-functional teams, and at organizational level to strictly adhere to international quality standards, our customers actually see quality improvements-in both product performance and the efficiency with which we operate in manufacturing and distributing their products-year after year.

    Processes that help us maintain the performance standards for our products and drive us to greater efficiency year after year ensure that our customers receive fair prices at great value for every Riteks purchase. 

    More than one million companies in 160 countries measure their quality performance according to ISO 9001.  Such robust participation means that these standards, which create a fair playing field for measuring companies like Riteks and its competitors, contributes to the stability of our global marketplace.


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  • Riteks MS Spacer
    Riteks MS Spacer helps mitigate lost circulation issues by minimizing induced losses & filtrate invasion, while also being a tunable spacer with effective hole-cleaning capabilities in Remedial, Primary, and Loss Circulation situations....

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  • Riteks RadiLock 3mm Fiber
    RadiLock Fiber is a next generation LCM technology proven to effectively seal formation fractures, increase return to surface properties, and provide improved mechanical properties of cement for the Life of the Well....

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