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Chandler Engineering

2001 N Indianwood Ave
Broken Arrow,  OK  74012

United States
  • Booth: 441

Supplying Oil Well Cementing instruments for over 75 years!

Chandler Engineering offers instruments for testing oil well cements, drilling fluids, reservoir fluids, High-precision pulse-free metering pumps for core flow analysis, mixers, rheometers, fluid loss cells, corrosion testers and compressive strength testers.

Brands: Chandler Engineering and Quizix Precision Pumps

 Press Releases

  • he Model 6500-M Mini-Loop™ is a benchtop instrument (patent pending) that allows for rapid test turn-around for the repeat testing of stimulation fluids. The Mini Flow Loop circulates fluid through a single test section and uses custom Chandler Engineering software to record and analyze the test data. This enables reliable testing in a simple to operate, compact system. The unit is ideal for Quality Control Testing of Slick Water Fracturing Fluids.

    The Mini Flow Loop system incorporates a low shear, progressive cavity pump for circulation of base fluids. A differential pressure transmitter measures the friction pressure across the test section. The friction-reducing agent is added directly into the five-gallon reservoir mixing tank.

    The Chandler software is designed to be user-friendly and collects all required data during the test cycle for use in friction reduction calculations. Data may be stored in a test-specific .CSV file for analysis.

    Model 6500-2800
    Optional add-on module to enable real-time display of flow rate and fluid density.


    • Easy to Set-Up, Operate, Clean, and Maintain        
    • Benchtop Unit
    • Over Pressure Relief Valve
    • Progressive Cavity Pump for Minimal Shearing of Fluids
    • Real-Time Display of Temperature, Differential Pressure, and Percent Friction Reduction


  • Model 5265 MGSA Mechanical Gel Strength Testing
    The Model 5265 MGSA Gel Strength Analyzer is an addition to Chandler Engineering’s world-leading line of cement testing equipment. The need to measure gel development, gel duration and gel strength are critical in the design of cement slurries....

  • The Model 5265 MGSA measures the onset of gel strength as well as the continued development of gel strength. This data equips the operator with the knowledge required to optimize slurry designs and meet critical requirements of well placement.

    The Model 5265 MGSA utilizes a precision motor and paddle coupled to a reaction force transducer to measure the phase change. The instrument is designed to condition the slurry at 150 RPM and set the measurement of gel strength at 0.2 degrees per minute. As an added function, the motor can be run at an intermittent motor rate. The geometry of the paddle is industry-specific or may be adapted to other geometries as needed. The instrument comes complete with the Quizix Precision Pump System for stable and accurate pressure control. Precision pressure control is critical for the accuracy of gel strength measurement and maintaining gel structure.  


    • 0.2 degrees/min or start/stop measurement motor speeds
    • Slurry conditioning at 150 RPM
    • Reaction torque measurement from 10 lbf/100ft² up to 1500 lbf/100ft²
    • Operating temperature up to 450ºF (232ºC)
    • Operating Pressure up to 20,000 psi (138 MPa)
    • Chandler Engineering Model 5270 Data Acquisition Software
    • Quizix Precision Pump System included
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