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iQx™ by AGR Software AS

Karenslyst Alle 4
P.O. Box 444, Skøyen
Oslo,  0278

  • Booth: 1303

We offer engineers to be engineers.

iQx™ is cloud native software built on the modern architecture. Through Open API, it can connect to all other softwares.

Brands: Understanding the complexity of time and cost estimation and rig scheduling, iQx™ software provides plug-and-play applications that deliver both instant benefits and long-term value.

 Press Releases

  • Using Monte Carlo simulation methodology, our P1™ application helps well engineers enhance understanding of correlation between well costs and risks and improves information input for budgeting decisions. When complemented with CT™, all project members have access to the most actual drilling time and cost - saving the team unpleasant surprise at the end of the project. 

    We look forward to assisting the Santos team as they pursue their ambitions.

  • The UK based Operator chose iQx™ as their go-to tool for well time and cost planning.

    P1 application delivers transparency in AFE budgeting and in choosing the most optimum well delivery path.

    We can't wait to start providing P1 application to Spirit Energy's drilling and wells team.

  • iQˣ™ software plays key role in eliminating cost and time uncertainty 

    The global energy and chemicals group, Sasol, is a long term user of AGR Software’s drilling software, iQˣ™. More specifically, Sasol’s drilling department is using our P1 and CT on their remote drilling projects in Southern Mozambique. The time and cost planning (P1) and tracking (CT) applications are helping Sasol to discover and seize new efficiencies in their well delivery and make faster, smarter and more collaborative decisions based on well data processed in suite of iQˣ™ applications. 

    Sasol chose iQˣ™ two applications to support key functions when pursuing their operational activities in Mozambique:

    P1™ – a probabilistic time and cost estimation tool that rigorously assesses potential operational time, cost and potential risks based on thousands of iterations.

    CT™ – an actual time and cost tracker that offers clarity over project expenditure, replacing traditional spreadsheets with one secure, simple, easily shared and accessible platform. 


  • P1 Time and Cost Estimation with Risk Planning
    Using Monte Carlo probabilistic approach, iQx™ P1™ simulates time and cost considering all potential risks....

  • The application has an intuitive user interface allowing data to be imported from multiple sources. The outputs can easily be transferred to iQx™ CT™ (Actual Time and Cost Tracker) application when the project moves from planning to operations.

    More info: iQx - AGR Software (

  • CT Project Time and Cost Tracker
    CT™ seamlessly integrates user's all ongoing operations to be tracked in one place, where information is easily accessible for all connected project members....

  • In the application many features are available including an auto generated lookahead, time tracker, cost tracker, email plugin and a diverse range of charts and tables.

    Project members are easily added and removed from the project so that control can be kept over the distribution of information.

    More info: iQx - AGR Software (

  • RIG Digitising rig scheduling
    We created RIG to provide you with a cloud-native tool so that you could manage your entire rig portfolio in one place....

  • With collaboration at its heart, RIG allows seamless data sharing across all stakeholders. You are in charge of managing access and information display.

    With personal drafts of the rig schedule you can test what-if scenarios and optimize alternatives. RIG is flexible and offers easy switch between Drafts and Master schedule. User intuitive application also provides track changes as the Draft version progresses through the Timeline to Master release.

    The user benefits powerful visual display of rigs and wells highlighting well maturity and white space. Follow different states of a well from conceptual to completed, with hard facts related to each well. Rig moves are automatically added based on location and speed allowing well allocation to the most appropriate rig.


    More info: iQx - AGR Software (

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