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Finoric LLC

8115 Loop 540
Beasley,  TX  77417

United States
  • Booth: 1209

Chemistry to Make Life Better while reducing costs/risks

Finoric is a leading chemical technology & manufacturing company, servicing the upstream oil and gas industry.


We own and operate chemical manufacturing facilities in key North America basins and offer full-service R&D and analytical lab capabilities.


Customers receive 24/7 wellsite logistics with a fleet of company-owned trucks and ISO tanks to support frac fleets across major shale plays.

Brands: FloSurf™ Surfactant ScaleGone™ Scale Inhibitor FinCide™ Biocide FRBreak™ Breaker Clay Ste™ Clay Stabilizer CTG-Lube™ Lubricant Diverting Agent Friction Reducer Crosslinker Acid Chemical Corrosion Inhibitor


  • ScaleGone encapsulated scale inhibitor
    ScaleGone is combined with the proppant during fracturing operations, delivering scale inhibitors where they are needed most. A unique dual encapsulation process protects the product during pumping operations, resulting in extended protection.<br />...

  • A small dose of ScaleGone Encapsulated Slow-Release Solid Scale Inhibitor is released during the fracturing operation. It slowly releases additional scale inhibitor as needed, resulting in extended protection.

    ScaleGone is designed to protect against common oilfield scales, including:

    • Inhibited scales
    • Calcium carbonate calcium sulfate
    • Strontium sulfate barium sulfate
    • Iron sulfide NORM

    Compatibility and Specifications

    ScaleGone is compatible with all known proppants and aqueous fracturing fluids, including slickwater, linear, and crosslinked gels.

    ScaleGone Specifications

    • Solid Specific gravity: 1.05 
    • pH: 6.5 to 7.5
    • Mesh size: 14/40
    • Flash point: >230°C
    • DOT: Classification Not Regulated
    • Packaging: As required

    Product Benefits

    • Provides a steady source of scale inhibition for years
    • A trial in the Bakken is still showing protection after 1.5 years
    • 80 wt% active, which is approximately five times more active than any other product on the market
    • Dynamic scale loop testing shows a minimum inhibitor concentration of 0.8 ppm
    • Where other solid inhibitors leave insoluble residue like polymer or diatomaceous earth in the proppant, Scalegone leaves no residue
    • Proppant stress testing showed no permeability reduction from the ScaleGone up to a closure pressure of 6,000 psi
    • Can be used in reservoirs with a bottomhole temperature up to 280°F

    ScaleGone is typically dosed at a rate of 0.5 to 1.0 lb per 1,000 lb of proppant. It is added within 75% to 100% of each stage. It can be added on-the-fly with the proppant, eliminating the need for any specialty equipment.

  • FinoTap 3-in-1 Total Acidizing Additive Package
    FinoTAP is a proprietary, economical acidizing additive package that provides corrosion inhibition, iron control, and non-emulsifying properties in one convenient additive, reducing the need for multiple product inventories....

  • FinoTAP can be used in acid spearhead applications ahead of hydraulic fracture treatments. It is compatible with most acid additives, such as gelling agents, friction reducers, clay control agents, etc.

    FinoTAP contains an effective corrosion inhibitor that can provide protection for all metal surfaces up to 250°F or 350°F in 15 and 20% HCL. Additional corrosion inhibitors will be needed above the maximum temperature or when applied in 28% HCL or in coiled tubing applications. When there is a potential to produce iron-induced sludge, the addition of iron-reducing agent like Finoric’s FE-RED is recommended.

    Typical Physical Properties

    • Appearance: Clear, yellow liquid
    • Odor: Vinegar
    • Specific Gravity: 1.02 to 1.05
    • Charge: Non-ionic
    • Pour Point: 25°F
    • Flash Point: 180°F
    • Packaging: Customizable

    Product Benefits

    • Non-ionic and compatible with most formation crudes; emulsion testing is recommended prior to using in a new zone
    • Reduces the need for multiple products in inventory
    • For heavy lease crudes, an additional dosage of a non-emulsifier may be required
    • Can potentially alter corrosion inhibitor concentration pending conditions


    FinoTAP is typically used at a dosage of 8.0 gpt in 15 and 20% HCL. Laboratory testing is essential to ensure compatibility with lease crude.

  • Kairos Energy offerings
    Kairos Energy Services, LLC is focused on enhancing existing unconventional production. We bring a turnkey approach to the process, including laboratory evaluation, engineering, pumping services, chemical blending, and logistics....

  • Enhance | Protect | Remediate

    We believe there is a better way to enhance production and improve cash flow from existing unconventional wells 

    Enhance and remediate

    Our patent-pending turnkey, rigless chemical process requires no mechanical intervention and is designed to enhance hydrocarbon relative permeability, improve fracture conductivity, and remediate downhole damages to increase the profitability of your base production.

    We design our chemistry to both boost production and remediate any identified damages. We evaluate multiple customized chemistries to specifically address the challenges with your well. There is no one size fits all solution.

    Rigorous candidate selection process

    Our lab and engineering design process allows us to high-grade candidates, identify damage mechanisms, and provide a probabilistic forecast of treatment results. 

    Treatment design

    Treatment volume is based on the original fracturing job. We pair chosen chemistry with specialty diverter to maximize coverage in the lateral.

    Treatment execution

    Through our partners, we provide fit-for-purpose pumping equipment designed to correctly deploy the chemistry.

    Performance and profitability

    We design our technology with our client's profitability in mind. This process is designed to increase production with a payback of less than six months.

    Case study showing a 60% increase in oil production and a 30% BOE increase in EUR

    • Eagle Ford formation
    • 60% increase in oil rate over the decline
    • 30% BOE increase in EUR
    • Less than four-month payback
    • 8.8 multiple on invested capital

Please contact with any questions.