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Vindum Engineering Inc

369 Syringa Ridge
Sandpoint,  ID  83864

United States
  • Booth: 523

Precision High-Pressure Pulse-Free Pumps & Valves

Speciallizing in High Pressure Continuous Pulse-Free Metering Pumps, Automated Constant Volume Valves, Acoustic Separators, Color Core Scanners, Hastelloy Tubing, Manual Needle Valves and Fittings. Since 1987 we have been focused on our advanced designs and excellent customer service.  

- VP Series Pumps, up to 25,000psi, 160C

- CV Series Constant Volume Valves

- MV Series of Hastelloy Valves and Fittings

Brands: VP-Series dual-piston metering pumps that deliver ultra-precise, pulse-free, continuous flow up to 25,000 psi, continuous pulse-free flow and constant pressure


  • VP Series Continuous Pulse-Free Pumps
    Vindum VP-Series dual-piston high-pressure metering pumps that deliver ultra-precise, pulse-free, continuous flow or constant-rate modes, at up to 25,000 psi. High-temperature versions allow wetted parts of the pump to be heated to 160°C....

  • Features include:

    • Pulse-free continuous flow standard (pressure or rate modes)
    • Flow rate range: 0.1µL/min—500ml/min (varies by model)
    • Extreme pressure capability: 0 – 25,000 psi (varies by model)
    • 13 modes: rate or pressure deliver, receive, bi-directional
    • Advanced pump-control software included (PC-based)
    • Several control/communication options
    • Low maintenance design, easy to clean
    • Ultra-compact footprint (19”H x 6”W x 9”D)

    VP-Series Pump Applications:

    • Oil & Gas Coreflood and PVT experiments
      • Pilot Plant or Process Development
      • Corrosive Fluid Environments (Hastelloy option)
      • Pulse-free, ultra-precise fluid metering
      • Life sciences – Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals
  • Vindum CV Automated High-Pressure Valves
    The features, durability, and reliability of CV-Series valves make them a cost-effective solution for the most exacting laboratory high-pressure flow-control requirements....

  • Features of Vindum CV Valves

    • Range of models: to 25,000 psi (CV-225) and 160C (CV-210, 410, and 510)
    • Standard 2-way or 3-way models, custom designs available
    • Rapid open/close (~0.1 second) using compressed air (70-100 psi)
    • Remote actuation using solenoid pilot valve (12V or 24V)
    • Low internal volume and no trapped fluid
    • Durable and easily rebuildable
    • Gas-tight seal, able to hold a vacuum
    • Variety of O-ring seal materials available

    Applications for CV-Series Valves

    • Remote or centrally controlled systems
    • High temperature processes or experiments
    • Oil & gas core flooding and PVT experiments
    • Chemical or refining pilot plant systems
    • Process development systems
    • Multi-piston displacement pumps (pulse-free flow)
  • Vindum MV Hastelloy Needle Valves
    Vindum Engineering’s line of Hastelloy needles valves offer safe and reliable flow control of pressures to 12,000 psi (at ambient temperature) and tubing of 1/8” or 1/16” diameter....

  • The innovative MV-210 and MV-310 (two-stem) valves and MV components all share the small footprint design that simplifies mounting and makes it easy to build compact fluid control systems.

    Wetted parts of the valves and components are made of Hastelloy C276, suitable for a wide variety of applications with corrosive fluids.

    Vindum MV valves use and O-ring seal (“no packing”) which ensures a durable and consistent fluid seal and the 2-008 O-ring size provides the user with a wide choice of seal materials for different fluids.

    Couplings are compatible with Parker Autoclave Engineers 1/8” Speed-Bite™ compression fitting (W125) and BuTech (LPF2/G2 & LPF1/LPF2 ferrules and glands).

    Rapid Delivery: most valves and fittings are in-stock. Custom configurations are available within 4 weeks.

    MV-Series Valves & Fittings Applications

    • Oil & gas laboratory research
    • Chemical/petrochemical laboratories
    • Any application with corrosive fluids and/or elevated temperatures, with selection of compatible O-ring material.
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