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PIC Chemicals

1306 S. Cherry St.
Tomball,  TX  77375

United States
  • Booth: 807

Solutions to treat O&G wells & restore pipeline performance.

PIC offers targeted solutions to stimulate and revitalize production of both onshore and offshore oil and gas wells as well as plan and design effective treatments to remediate and restore pipeline flow performance. Our novel treatment designs have also been successfully implemented in industrial flowline and equipment cleaning, industrial disposal wells, and waste material processing/remediation.


  • SoleAcid
    SoleAcid is a kinetically controlled, fully compatible, slow dissolving sandstone acid system. SoleAcid has none of the risks of conventional sandstone acid and is compatible with any sandstone reservoir composition....

  • SoleAcid is a kinetically controlled, fully reservoir compatible, slow dissolving sandstone acid system. SoleAcid has none of the risks of conventional sandstone acid. This system has relatively low corrosivity and delivers as much fines dissolution power as high strength HF acid in a single stage system. This allows the stimulation of reservoirs with sensitive mineralogies or in conditions where conventional mud acid treatments would be deemed too high risk.

    SoleAcid can increase the productive capacity of new wells, extend the decline curve on older wells, and restore productivity from catastrophically damaged end of life wells. With over 100 successful field applications resulting in increased production, SoleAcid is tailored to each well's specific fluid conditions to maximize the potential benefit. An advanced chelation and fluid compatibility package prevents flowback and topside issues allowing multiple small treatments to be run and processed efficiently and cost effectively without the need for any ancillary flowback equipment.

  • M-Gel Pig
    M-gel is a deformable pig that allows for pigging of lines that cannot be conventionally pigged. The system can be propelled with gas and can be reduced to 50% of its diameter and still rebound to its original state....

  • M-Gel Pig is a highly flexible solid gel pig with shape memory properties used in situations where a mechanical pig cannot be applied. M-Gel Pig can be propelled with any gas or liquid, and it is not sensitive to sour environments. The situations more commonly seen are when there are no launcher or catcher facilities, when there are changes or variation in a pipeline’s internal diameter, and when there is a high risk of sticking due to wax, debris or scale build up. M-gel is also applied to aid in the recovery of stuck/stalled mechanical pigs, in conjunction with batch treatment chemicals in gas lines, or sent through coiled tubing for liquid displacement.

    M-Gel Pig is capable of extruding through chokes and restrictions up to 50% of its diameter and returning undamaged to its original size and shape once through. Beyond this 50% reduction the pig will self-destruct eliminating the risk of sticking or the need to catch the pig in a traditional receiver.
  • NoPhalt
    Aromatic based asphaltene removal system coupled with a hydrocarbon diversion system and advanced dispersant/peptizing agents. Greatly increases the effectiveness of solvent treatments and extends treatment performance....

  • This system allows for the solvent to continuously divert and treat the entire interval as opposed to pumping xylene at a high rate where it is only able to contact a small portion of the damaged zone. The base solvent system is supplemented with proprietary chemistry allowing for the true removal of the asphaltene deposits as opposed to pushing the asphaltenes farther into the reservoir only to return shortly after treatment.

    NoPhalt is a multifunctional chemistry that increases penetration rates while improving zonal coverage. Novel components also absorb onto the now dispersed nanoparticle sized asphaltenes preventing them from reagglomerating into large clusters. This recovers more asphaltenes over a greater area and results in more uplift and a longer treatment life. NoPhalt is above and beyond the remedial ability of traditional xylene-based systems.

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