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Allerød,  Denmark 
  • Booth: 929

Our technology & solutions are tailored to enhance recovery

Welltec is a global provider of solutions for oil field wells – from vertical to horizontal, offshore and onshore. The solutions are tailored to provide optimized reservoir drainage and cover completion, conveyance, surveillance and intervention. Constant innovation and persistent challenging of best practice are the driving factors behind Welltec.


  • Wellgrab™
    Wellgrab™ is an electric release fishing tool....

  • By allowing reliable disconnect of fishing strings or relocating the fish in the well, the electric release fishing tool is designed to improve and simplify fishing operations. The required grapple type, either external or internal, can be easily assembled on the tool by only changing a few parts. Electrical disconnect can be activated at any time when required.


    • Retrieving plugs
    • Fishing operations
    • Relocating downhole assemblies


    • Interchangeable stand-off rings and bell guides
    • Simple change-out grapples
    • 5 ton capacity on release power
    • Electrical release command
    • Adjustable reach
    • Bi-directional motor for grapple manipulation
    • Fail-safe timer release device


    • Prevents premature release of the fishing tool during fishing or retrieving
    • 50% higher safe working loads than for standard pulling tools
    • Digital, real-time communication with fishing tool
    • Operates on any e-line via DC
  • Well Miller® CVF
    Well Miller® CVF – Continuous Variable Force – is a comprehensive and dynamic system engineered to fully optimize hardware milling operations....

  • Born out of proven mechanical and clean-out services with an extensive track record, the Well Miller® CVF system is an integration of key features and benefits of several technologies, enhanced by multiple data measures for detailed Surface Readout (SRO) capability.

    Up to 5,000 lbs of force is dynamically delivered to the mill bit in increments of 100 lbs under full surface control. The active CVF system provides fully optimized operations, minimizes required milling time, and provides flexibility to the entire milling operation in relation to changes in geometry, and material of the objective.


    • Nipple profile milling
    • Access through failed valves (e.g. isolation/gate)
    • Enlargement of buckled tubing
    • Plug removal
    • Glass plug milling


    • Passive fail-safe system
    • Surface read-out compatible
    • Modular and configurable
    • Universal: operates on any e-line via DC
    • NACE compliant
  • Well Cutter® 238 SRO 1.0
    Well Cutter® enables efficient and safe tubular cutting for pipe recovery or completion removal without the use of explosives....

  • Utilizing a fast, cutting technique rather than a blade, the Well Cutter produces a bevelled cut surface.
    This precludes the need for a separate trip to dress the cut, resulting in significant rig time savings. It can be
    run slick or equipped with a ‘no-go’ for a precise cut at depth. And it can be deployed independently or combined with 
    the Well Tractor® for cuts in highly deviated or horizontal wells.


    • Casing cutting
    • Drill pipe cutting
    • Liner cutting
    • Packer mandrels cutting
    • Control line cutting


    • Works on pipe in tension or compression
    • Cuts L80, L80-13Cr, Super 13Cr, 25Cr, Inconel 718, P110, XD105, S135
    • Modular and configurable
    • Compatible with all service providers
    • Accurate depth control
    • NACE compliant


    • No explosives
    • Multiple cuts in the same run
    • Rigless cuts for batch work
    • Very small debris
    • No pipe dressing required
    • Monitoring of cutting operation with Welltec® SRO 1.0
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