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Optimize Field Production through Digital Oilfield solutions

IPCOS Digital Oilfield is a leading international DOF integrator, trusted deliver state-of-the-art technology-independent solutions that help maximize the performance of customer assets by improving field production and enhancing reservior management. IPCOS combines knowledge of petroleum engineering and understanding of technology for field production surviellance, allocation and optimization

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  • 1000+ customers

    80+ global employees

    27 years active in the process industry

    50+ countries - offering solutions around the globe

    Our mission

    IPCOS is a Digital Solutions and Services provider focused on maximizing plant efficiency, increasing business productivity, and enhancing environmental sustainability, through the smart application of the latest Industry 4.0 technologies. IPCOS serves a wide range of international processes and allied industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, gas processing, upstream oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, waste and utilities. The keys to IPCOS’ success are deep process- and domain knowledge combined with extensive technology know-how. IPCOS experts provide technical consultancy and implement tailor-made solutions to enhance efficiency and speed of decision-making.

    Realizing the digital revolution and the energy transition

    In the coming decades, all industrial sectors will face the challenge of further reducing their carbon footprint whilst maintaining competitiveness and productivity. Further digitalization, advanced process optimization and process redesign will become a matter of survival for the process industry rather than a nice to have. With the wealth of experience IPCOS has built in these areas, we are ready to partner with its customers to make this journey and realize a sustainable future.

    Proven track record

    We provide solutions to the world’s toughest industrial, sometimes contradicting, demands: increasing plant productivity, reducing emissions and adapting to demand. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that have a high user adoption across the customer organization.
  • CAMBRIDGE, ON, Nov. 29, 2022 /CNW/ - ATS Corporation (TSX: ATS) ("ATS" or the "Company") today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire IPCOS Group NV ("IPCOS"), a Belgium-based provider of process optimization and digitalization solutions with six locations across Europe, the US, and India.

    IPCOS will join ATS' Process Automation Solutions ("PA") business, a leading provider of complete automation and digitalization solutions for the process and manufacturing industries. With a strong focus on process optimization, IPCOS will accelerate PA's strategy to drive productivity improvement through digital solutions. In synergy with the existing PA portfolio, it furthers PA's value proposition of creating solutions for customers through automation integration, data analytics, and process optimization.

    "IPCOS broadens our process optimization and digitalization capabilities in our key focus sectors," said Dr. Christian Debus, President of PA.  "Its strong domain knowledge, which has been incorporated into their digital solutions, can be offered to our existing customers as a value add to our leading digitalization platform. Additionally, IPCOS will significantly accelerate PA's growth trajectory, and further strenghten our unique value proposition. We are looking forward to welcoming the IPCOS team to PA."

    "Being part of PA will accelerate IPCOS' strategy to grow in the area of digital services and in new customer segments by leveraging PA's extensive technological expertise, global footprint, and customer access," said Filip Stroobant, CEO of IPCOS.

    About IPCOS at a glance:
    1000+ customers

    80+ global employees

    27 years active in the process industry

    50+ countries - offering solutions around the globe

    IPCOS was founded in 1995, and is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. IPCOS is a Digital Solutions and Services provider, focused on maximizing plant efficiency, increasing business productivity, and enhancing environmental sustainability, through the smart application of latest Industry 4.0 technologies. IPCOS serves a wide range of international process and allied industries with six locations across the US, Europe and India.

    Visit the company's website at for more details.

    About Process Automation Solutions

    Process Automation Solutions GmbH is one of the leading, manufacturer-independent suppliers of complete automation solutions for the process, manufacturing, and automotive industries. As a strong partner, PA's 1,400 automation experts in Europe, America and Asia support their customers during all phases of automation from planning to implementation and commissioning – and if desired, throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant through aftersales service.

    Visit PA's website at

    About ATS Corporation

    ATS Corporation is an industry-leading automation solutions provider to many of the world's most successful companies. ATS uses its extensive knowledge base and global capabilities in custom automation, repeat automation, automation products and value-added services including pre-automation and after-sales services, to address the sophisticated manufacturing automation systems and service needs of multinational customers in markets such as life sciences, food & beverage, transportation, consumer products, and energy. Founded in 1978, ATS employs over 6,000 people at more than 50 manufacturing facilities and over 75 offices in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. The Company's common shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ATS.

    Visit the Company's website at

  • The impact of poorly managing key process variables' uncertainties is often underestimated. Uncertainties can cascade to other key business processes, making more impact than initially anticipated.

    IPCOS Services in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Digital Oilfield Services

    IPCOS provides digital oilfield services to help customers improve production surveillance, optimization, allocation and forecasting, integrating Petex IFM, IVM, OVS or custom-developed platforms.

    Integrated Asset Modeling

    IPCOS Integrated Asset Modeling service integrates Petex GAP, PROSPER and MBAL modules for surveillance and optimization in multi-phase oil and gas fields.

    Production Monitoring

    Harness real-time process data to mine valuable business intelligence. Achieve higher production margins and consistent quality with fewer staff hours and less downtime.

    Data Management Services

    IPCOS provides integrated asset models, equipment templating, structuring, and displays of industrial data, bringing you the right information​ to the right place ​at the right time.

    Real-time optimization

    Automatically determine and maintain your true optimal operating point without violating any well, reservoir or process constraints. The integrated asset model will simulate and provide recommendations to achieve the objective outcomes.

    PID Tuning and control

    Stabilize top side operation by optimally tuning the base layer controls, minimizing the impact of disturbances.

    IPCOS Offerings

    Improve well surveillance and production allocation

    One typical example is poor-quality well tests that impact allocation and undermine proper reservoir management.

    Optimize production in real-time

    Continuous production optimization through automated and integrated processes, including tight integration with field operation through automated workflows to execute recommendations and achieve results.

    Enhance production forecasting

    Generate more accurate forecasts more frequently with less manpower and deliver a more reliable business plan by making use of an integrated asset model.

    IPCOS at a glance:

    1000+ customers

    80+ global employees

    27 years active in the process industry

    50+ countries - offering solutions around the globe


  • Dynacard Classification for Beam-Pump Wells
    Improving Productivity and Minimizing Downtime...

  • Introduction

    Beam-pump wells are critical to the oil and gas industry, and monitoring their performance is essential for productivity and minimizing downtime. One way to achieve this is through dynacard classification, which involves analyzing measurements of load and displacements in sucker rod pumps or beam pumps.  

    A dynacard classification system enables operators to detect problems as they occur and take appropriate action to mitigate issues. For instance, the system can detect a gradual increase in the probability of valve leakage, allowing operators to address the issue before it becomes critical. Similarly, sudden issues like pump tagging can be immediately identified, enabling a rapid response. 

    Setting Up a Dynacard Classification System 

    Establishing a dynacard classification system begins with data collection, where data is extracted from controllers on the beam pump site. This data is then transferred into the office domain, using technologies such as Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and Kepware. 

    The IPCOS team processed the data after successful data extraction to assure its quality and usefulness. Normalization procedures are then applied to enable comparisons between different beam pumps. Furthermore, feature extraction is implemented to simplify the classification algorithm through the incorporation of domain knowledge. 

    In the next phase, the IPCOS team used the resulting data set to train different machine learning algorithms. A gradient-boosted decision tree algorithm using the XGBoost library was eventually selected. This classifier determines the probability of various states - normal, gas interference, fluid pound, among others - for each dynacard. 

    The results of the classifier are integrated into an existing Exception Based Surveillance (EBS) portal, visualizing the state of a single well or across multiple wells. It aims to offer insights into the operating conditions of each beam pump and the overall state of a field. 

    The final step in setting up the system is event-based alerting. Utilizing OSIsoft's Asset Framework (AF) technology, an event-based monitoring system is established. This system alerts operators of anomalies or altered states in beam pumps, allowing for early intervention. 

    Challenges Encountered 

    A significant challenge in this project was annotating unlabeled data. Initially, the dataset had 200,000 unlabeled dynacards across 250 wells. A sufficient amount of this data needed to be labelled to train the classifier. This was accomplished using a semi-supervised algorithm. 

    Dealing with imbalanced and noisy data presented another hurdle. The dataset was heavily skewed, with normal cards constituting the majority. Developing a method to filter out noisy dynacards and maintaining sensitivity to rare conditions became necessary. 

    Lastly, the simultaneous occurrence of various issues in beam-pump wells necessitated prioritization. This also required the development of a mechanism to detect multiple issues in a single dynacard. 


    The dynacard classifier provides fast detection of anomalous working conditions of beam-pump wells. By integrating its results into the EBS portal used by the operators, corrective actions were taken quickly and effectively, improving productivity and minimizing downtime. In the next phase, the classifier’s output will be used in reporting, providing an overview to the management and supervisors of the current state of the different fields. 

  • Optimizing Wells for Better Production
    Optimizing Wells for Better Production...

  • Does your company have specific users, such as production technologists, who need to observe the performance of wells over time?

    IPCOS has domain expertise in the upstream oil and gas sector as well as custom development of analytics tools.

    Here is what we offer:

    Solution and technology

    A non-supervised machine learning solution that requires little or no effort from the user to operate. IPCOS will assess the company’s existing architecture and create a connection between the client's data sources through a middleware platform into a custom application developed by us for the client. Algorithms run in real-time and provide the data required by the users for self-service qualitative analytics.

    The solution permits the user to analyze the gas wells, detect when the wells have been closed, create specific tables and charts on data from the analysis and eventually present back to the user for self-service qualitative decisions based on the collated data.

    Project duration and results

    The project lasts approximately a year. It requires software developers on the back and front ends as well as technical advisors, who help to determine the required features that meet the needs of the users on the client side. Project managers on the client side and at IPCOS will help steer the project.

    After the solution is tested and deployed in the client’s environment, it needs to be validated by testing on existing wells. The users will accept the solution as beneficial for qualitative assessment and for optimization of the well performance if they are convinced they can use it on a day-to-day basis on new projects. IPCOS offers training and support to ensure full tool acceptance by the users. We also receive support requests, which gives us a better understanding of how to improve the tool to meet users’ requirements.

    The next phase in the development will be new features gathered from these key users, helping make the tool more robust and covering all types of wells and use cases.

    In the past, the tool has been fully adopted by the users and is in great demand. It has been reported that the tool usage by the number of wells analyzed increased by about 20% year on year.

  • Digital Oilfield Deployment in Deepwater Field
    Maximizing Production: Digital Oilfield Deployment in Deepwater Field...

  • Introduction

    An offshore oil and gas field located in the Campos Basin of Brazil required an integrated digital oilfield solution to help engineers make better decisions and optimize field operations. The field had real-time instrumentation, but some critical nodes were missing information, resulting in production losses and missed optimization opportunities. The client had a long-standing relationship with IPCOS, having worked on several upstream projects, and chose them to implement the solution.

    The Challenge

    The field had three areas, and production relied heavily on artificial lift manifolds, which had up to four caisson ESPs to pump oil to the surface. However, engineers lacked important information, such as pump performance curves and gas volume fraction, making it challenging to operate at an optimum frequency. IPCOS worked closely with production and reservoir engineers and operations teams to develop a well-calibrated physics-based well and network model using Petroleum Experts Integrated Production Modelling suite of applications. They configured engineering workflows in IFM to use the latest GAP model and field measurement to calculate rates at well and network levels.

    The Results

    The solution enabled engineers to view pump operating points in real-time and optimize pump performance without damaging them. As a result, the field had an optimization opportunity and was able to increase production by about 2% over the daily average production within two months of implementing this functionality. It also enabled timely interventions, leading to an estimated daily deferment reduction greater than 2 MM$/year for the field. The digital oilfield solution has been quickly embedded into different work streams. Development has started for extending the product to flow assurance and topside operating envelope disciplines.

Please contact with any questions.