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BioSqueeze Inc.

Butte,  MT 
United States
  • Booth: 1848

Sealed Well: Eliminate Sustained Annular Pressure

BioSqueeze provides the most effective solution for eliminating sustained casing pressure. Our novel biomineralization technology utilizes natural soil bacteria that penetrate deep into small aperture (as small as 1 micron wide) leakage pathways, forming a calcium carbonate barrier similar to limestone that provides a gas-tight seal, permanently eliminating unwanted gas flow.


  • Targeted BioSqueeze®
    BioSqueeze is the most effective solution for eliminating sustained casing pressure/vent flow. Where other sealants like cements and resins often fail due to their inability to access small leakage pathways, BioSqueeze excels....

  • A targeted BioSqueeze is performed in a similar fashion to a standard cement retainer squeeze, with a short interval targeted for perforation, a bridge plug set below, a packer set above and tubing run to pump fluids into the leakage pathways. BioSqueeze is then squeezed at low rate and high pressure into the leakage pathways utilizing low viscosity fluids to penetrate deep and form crystalline calcium carbonate. After several stages pumped over the course of a couple days permeability is reduced completely resulting in in a comprehensive gas-tight seal for hundreds of feet from the point of injection.
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