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Flogistix, LP

Oklahoma City,  OK 
United States
  • Booth: 2017, 2016

Atmospheric and production optimization solutions

Flogistix provides atmospheric and production optimazation solutions specific to your site's challenges. We make it possible to increase revenue and reduce emissions. Our vapor recovery and leak detetion solutions work together to keep your site in compliance and eliminate your need to vent or flare. Our 98% runtime guarantee means our equipment will always work for you. 

 Press Releases

  • Oklahoma City, OK: Flogistix’s methane sniffing technology has been approved by the State of
    New Mexico as part of the Advanced Leak and Repair Monitoring (ALARM) technology
    program. On November 22, the state’s Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department
    (EMNRD) approved Flogistix’s sniffer 4Dv2 technology for use by oil and gas operators to
    detect methane leaks.

    The sniffer system technology was approved as part of the EMNRD’s Oil Conservation
    Division’s newly applied rules that were released on May 25, 2021. The rules were created to
    reduce methane emissions in New Mexico and include the ALARM technology program which
    allows operators the opportunity to earn credits to offset a portion of their annual total volume of
    lost gas. Operators are required to reduce fugitive emissions with the goal of reaching a gas
    capture rate of 98% by 2026.

    The sniffer detection method used by Flogistix features a system that detects methane, H2S,
    VOC, and hydrocarbons while carried by a DJI Matrice 300 drone. Flogistix is the only company
    to utilize this aerial solution in the process of leak detection out of the other currently approved
    technologies within the program. The sniffer captures geo-referenced and time-stamped gas
    and particle concentrations and can detect nine gas and particle concentrations at once. The
    technology operates automatically using battery power and cellular connectivity to collect and
    share data.

    “Flogistix is excited that New Mexico has approved our technology for the ALARM program,”
    said Flogistix CEO Mims Talton. “Our technology enables operators to efficiently and effectively
    detect leaks, meet emission standards, and minimize their impact on the environment.”
    See our detection and drone technology February 1-3 at the 30th Anniversary NAPE Summit
    Week in Houston. Flogistix’s booth number is 3119.

    About Flogistix
    Flogistix is not only the industry leader in vapor recovery but also offers innovative solutions for
    oil and gas companies looking to meet regulatory requirements and reduce their environmental
    impact through the reduction of methane emissions. Our AirMethane program utilizes advanced
    technology and expert personnel to detect and repair methane leaks, helping companies in the
    oil and gas industry comply with regulatory requirements and minimize their carbon footprint
    while safeguarding our planet. For more information, please visit

  • Flogistix to open El Reno Campus

    OKLAHOMA CITYMay 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mims Talton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Flogistix, is pleased to announce the expansion of the company's manufacturing capabilities with a new facility located in El Reno, Oklahoma. With this addition, Flogistix will have 259,000 square feet of manufacturing space for vapor recovery units (VRU) and other compression technologies and will scale up to a facility workforce of more than 150 people.

    "With this new facility, Flogistix will be able to meet the high demand for our products," said Talton. "Our VRUs and data-driven technology are crucial in helping the oil and gas industry reduce methane emissions, increase revenue, and stay compliant with increasing government regulations." 

    The addition of the El Reno campus is in direct response to the rising demand for Flogistix's vapor recovery units and a strong commitment to meeting customer needs. It also signals confidence in the oil and gas industry and the El Reno community. The new facility is slated to open in July with an open house scheduled for August 4.

    Vapor recovery technology reduces the need to vent and flare because the emissions that would have been burned or released are captured and sold. Flogistix provides atmospheric solutions that are an effective tool for decarbonization and crucial to providing reliable and affordable energy to the world. 

    "We are fortunate to have a company like Flogistix expanding into our community providing good quality jobs to our citizens," said Mayor Matt White. "The city of El Reno is happy to be partnering with Flogistix on this endeavor and knows the resources available including our outstanding CV Tech will provide support and opportunities to this project."

    "As a company headquartered in Oklahoma, we are dedicated to this state," Talton said. "We are proud to invest in El Reno and its people, and we are committed to a long-term presence in the community."

    Real Estate specialist Travis Mason of Cushman Wakefield and landlord OKC West Industrial Park helped finalize the deal.

    A leader in production optimization and atmospheric solutions, Flogistix specializes in well-head compression, vapor recovery applications, and methane detection. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Flogistix operates in nearly every major U.S. shale play and basin and provides service through 14 regional field offices and warehouses located in 7 states. For more information, please visit

    Media contact: Kristin Hincke, 14052060167,

  • OKLAHOMA CITY, March 23, 2017— Flogistix, LP, a leading gas compressor manufacturer and well optimization service provider to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry, recently secured a patent for its Multi-Stream™ single compressor system, which provides compression and vapor recovery within one unit. This technology is unmatched in the gas compression industry.

    “Multi-Stream™ is unique to our field and only available through Flogistix,” said Aaron Baker, inventor of Multi-Stream™. “We are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to technology, and Multi-Stream™ is no exception. This single compressor system performs multiple functions, including vapor recovery, casing drawdown, flash gas production and wellhead compression. This multi-purpose technology optimizes production, reduces emissions and increases profitability for our clients.”

    Multi-Stream™ enables clients to control multiple sources of gas at differing pressures and flowrates. It monitors pressures precisely and makes continuous, fine adjustments to keep targeted pressures regulated to fractions of an ounce. Utilizing high-grade instrumentation and control equipment and numerous PID algorithms combined with intelligent response prioritization logic, Multi-Stream™ delivers a smooth, continuously managed operation. Multi-Stream™ can be configured to handle production from a variety of high and low pressure gas sources to reduce operating expenses and simplify site design.

    For more information, visit

    About Flogistix

    Flogistix has over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. This oil and gas optimization company utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their vapor recovery, compression and water transfer needs. Their specialties include; Wellhead compression, Gas lift units, Vapor Recovery, and electric or gas engine compression packages. Flogistix has just developed a new line of wellhead compressors, the FX series, designed to meet all wellhead compression and vapor recovery applications. The industry’s leading control panel, the LOGIX PLC, monitors all compressor functions giving our customers total control and increased production. All units include satellite telemetry and are available on our unique 30 day rental contracts.


  • AirMethane
    Flogistix AirMethane solutions are the safest and most accurate methods for methane leak detection....

  • Flogistix offers two technology solutions and three detection methods to pinpoint methane leaks along the industry value chain. Our aerial and handheld technology uses laser, sniffer and optical gas imaging to detect vapors.

    Using a drone equipped with an Optical Gas Imaging camera, our FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots with oil and gas expertise scan for emissions up to 328 feet away. Our aerial solution works in hard-to-reach areas, produces 2D and 3D models, and improves staff safety. Our handheld solution requires more on-site staff and longer inspection time. Our aerial and handheld equipment also possess LiDar modeling capabilities.

    With Flogistix aerial imaging, we capture hundreds to thousands of images which allow us to render in-depth 2D and 3D models for granular AirMethane monitoring. Each of the tiny blue specs in the image to the right is a single high-quality image captured on two separate layers, which is clickable and viewable, providing the most efficient layout of emission scanning.

  • Vapor Recovery Unit
    We’re the industry leader in vapor recovery — committed to making your wellhead more profitable and more responsible. Our proprietary vapor recovery technology helps capture and sell fugitive gas, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions....

  • Vapor recovery is the process of capturing fugitive natural gas vapors through a compressor at the wellhead. These vapors are rich with natural gas liquids and have high Btu content, delivering premium value compared to standard natural gas. Using data analytics and targeted technology, we design vapor recovery solutions that maximize both your fugitive gas capture and your revenue.
    Our FX Series compressors capture tank vapors with instantaneous response and the accuracy needed to maintain extremely narrow pressure windows whether the volume is next to nothing, or millions of cubic feet from your most prolific battery. With our proprietary automation technology, Logix PLC, capturing your tank emissions has never been easier.
  • Wellhead Compression
    Our proven wellhead compression solutions are the reason we lead the industry in production optimization. We start with intelligently-designed compressors, backed by completely automated technology that maintains optimal well production....

  • As mature oil and gas wells lose their energy, many operators abandon them because of increased production costs. However, these wells still have considerable product — and profit — downhole. Flogistix wellhead compression solutions keep your wells flowing above critical velocity, increasing both production and your bottom line.  

    Our wellhead compression series equipment combines time-tested and proven hardware with advanced process controls and engineering. Our automated controls do what no other human or machine can — continuously monitor and maintain pressure levels that offer optimal production results.

    Flogistix products layer together for cost and operational efficiency. By starting with wellhead compression as your foundation, we can add technology — including vapor recovery — to meet your future site needs.

Please contact with any questions.