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Stone Ridge Technology

Bel Air,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 1125

ECHELON - Reservoir Simulation Evolved

For over a decade Stone Ridge Technology (SRT) has been at the forefront of innovation in reservoir simulation using GPUs. SRT's reservoir simulator, ECHELON, has been developed by SRT since 2012 and in joint partnership with Eni since 2018; it is the first and only reservoir simulation software tool developed from inception for GPUs.

 Press Releases

  • [Maryland, 05/09/2023] - Azule Energy, Angola’s largest independent energy producer, has awarded Stone Ridge Technology (SRT), a leading innovator in high-performance GPU computing and originator of the ECHELON software for reservoir simulation, a contract in which ECHELON has been chosen by Azule Energy to serve as its corporate standard.

    This contract will allow SRT to provide Azule Energy with unlimited access to the industry’s highest-performing industrial reservoir simulator powered by graphics processing units (GPUs).

    Reservoir simulation is key to understanding the underground flow of petroleum fluids. One of the most remarkable features of ECHELON is the ease with which it simulates models that are comprised of multiple reservoirs coupled by a surface network, without compromising performance. This technology will provide Azule Energy with unparalleled insights into their complex, deep offshore reservoirs facilitating informed decisions that maximize recovery and streamline asset management, thus reducing environmental footprint.

    Leonardo Patacchini, SRT’s Regional Director EMEA has noted “Enterprise-wide deployment of ECHELON fits particularly well with Azule Energy's digital transformation path, allowing its engineers to leverage the virtually unlimited GPU-computing power available in the cloud.”

    For Azule Energy Reservoir Manager, Pedro Sebastiao, “It is very exciting to use ECHELON, one of the fastest reservoir simulation software in the world. This will allow the team to be more agile, improve efficiency and make faster decisions related to reservoir performance predictions and optimization that ultimately results in value creation for Azule Energy and its stakeholders.”

    About Stone Ridge Technology
    Stone Ridge Technology develops and markets ECHELON, the industry’s fastest commercial reservoir simulator built and optimized from inception for GPUs and massive fine-grained parallelism. A U.S. company based in Maryland, SRT has deep expertise in computational science, parallel programming, and high-performance computing.


    SimCOMMAND, ECHELON's powerful pre-processor, helps engineers modify, launch, QC and analyze models and multiple-realizations quickly and easily....

  • • Advanced text editor for input decks with powerful keyword recognition, syntax highlighting and error checking
    • Integrated visualization of input deck properties (3D grid, static properties and schedule line plots)
    • Integrated visualization of engineering concepts such as faults, contact depths and NNCs
    • Easy generation of restarts
    • Integrated generation of multiple realizations for uncertainty modelling through experimental design
    • Visual display of sensitivity studies including tornado, Pareto and spider plots
    • Simulation launcher with runtime progress monitoring (local workstations, on-premise clusters, cloud)

    Reservoir Simulation Evolved...

  • ECHELON has been under development by Stone Ridge Technology since 2012 and in joint partnership with Eni S.p.a since 2018. It is a state-of-the-art, massively parallel sub-surface flow simulator built from its very inception to harness the power of GPUs. Its key differentiators over competing simulators are its exceptional performance, scalability, and reduced hardware requirements. It runs on one or multiple GPUs which can be in a workstation, a server, on-premise cluster, or cloud and is available under Windows and Linux. ECHELON runs black oil and compositional models, includes support for complex field management, reservoir coupling, surface networks, and much more.

    SimDISCOVER is ECHELON's fast post-processor aimed at enhancing engineers' productivity....

  • • Fast access and display of 2D and 3D data
    • Includes HPG (high performance grids) technology enabling optimized loading of grids with tens of millions of cells
    • Multiple, linked 3D grid windows
    • Volumetric calculations
    • Wide array of advanced 3D visualization tools: allowing engineers to make the most of their simulation runs
    • Easy creation of user-defined quantities and grid regions
    • Well filtering, indexing toolbar and graph search functions
    • Complex workflows, replication, sharing and batch processing made easy via GRF files
    • In-built movie recording
    • Automatic export to MS Office

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