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Katy,  TX 
United States
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Peloton Platform: Leading the E&P Journey to the Cloud

For over three decades, Peloton has remained at the forefront of data management and visualization. With the SaaS-based Peloton Platform, oil and gas operators can easily access and manage crucial operational data from anywhere, at any time. This fully hosted and customizable platform was developed in collaboration with Microsoft's Azure technology, providing a seamless user experience to help organizations maximize value from Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle, Land Data Management, and Integrity/Reliability solutions.Our latest venture is in the Renewables spotlight, where we specialize in helping clients manage their wind and solar data at the next level. Peloton technology is relied upon by more than 600 energy clients worldwide, empowering their stakeholders with the necessary tools and information to streamline and optimize operations.

Brands: Peloton Platform WellView Allez SiteView Allez RigView Peloton Frac Peloton Water ProdView ProdView Go Peloton Ops Center LandView Peloton Map Peloton WRMS Peloton WIMS Peloton RAM Studio Peloton Go


  • The Peloton Platform
    The Peloton Platform, developed with Microsoft's Azure technology, allows operators to seamlessly view and manage vital operational data across the entire lifecycle....

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, the SaaS-based Peloton Platform allows operators to view and manage vital operational data integrated into one fully hosted platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft's Azure technology, this customizable platform delivers a seamless user experience to help organizations achieve maximum value from Well Data Lifecycle, Production and Operations Data Lifecycle, Land Data Management, Renewables, and Integrity/Reliability solutions.

    With the Platform, you have:

    Proven technology

    Peloton applications at your fingertips

    Seamless integration across solutions and external products

    Secure and robust data

    Complete and accurate data

    User access through a web browser

    Disconnected access as needed

    Easy implementation and maintenance

    Automated distribution of reports

    Automated 3rd party imports

    Platform ETLs and Web APIs

  • Well Data Lifecycle Solution
    Peloton’s Well Data Lifecycle solution encompasses workflows to support capital projects related to well and site construction through to abandonment and reclamation....

  • Peloton's Well Data Lifecycle Solution incorporates a wide range of globally recognized and widely used tools that are being used by over 600 clients today.

    WellView Allez is a comprehensive well management system that centralizes drilling and well information, improving data quality and fostering collaboration. With its user-friendly interface, users can make informed decisions and streamline operations with ease.

    SiteView Allez streamlines construction, remediation, reclamation, and facilities management. Plan, track activities, measure performance, and optimize operations in one centralized database. Efficiently capture and analyze concise data for unique profiles, enhancing productivity. Our customizable audits ensure data quality and completeness.

    RigView is a cutting-edge application that empowers you to efficiently manage all aspects of your well projects, from scheduling drilling and completion rigs to tracking activity readiness. With its interactive live schedule sharing feature, you can easily collaborate with your team and ensure smooth operations.

    Peloton Frac revolutionizes real-time fracturing data visualization and storage. Experience the power of Peloton Frac with advanced analysis connections, dynamic wellbore diagrams, customizable plots, insightful annotations, convenient templates, and stage reports. Stay connected with real-time chat for remote management and access standardized historical data and stage summaries.

  • Production & Operations Data Lifecycle Solution
    Peloton’s Production & Operations Data Lifecycle solution encompasses workflows to support production data capture, field operations, surveillance, hydrocarbon accounting and regulatory reporting....

  • Peloton's Production & Operations Data Lifecycle Solution integrates an extensive array of internationally acknowledged and extensively employed tools that are currently utilized by numerous clients.

    ProdView encompasses field data capture, quality control, analytics, well surveillance, schedule and task management, reconciliation, allocations, and regulatory reporting. It also facilitates hydrocarbon accounting, tracking production, and flaring/re-injection. Our software provides visualization and reporting capabilities based on well, field, and block. Additionally, we offer added features such as field data capture, ProdView GO, operations management, well surveillance, data analysis, regulatory reporting, and integration with WellView & SiteView.

    With ProdView, you can effortlessly manage your regulatory reporting obligations. Once you've reconciled field estimates with purchasers' statements and completed month-end allocations, ProdView is ready to generate your comprehensive regulatory reports, and is packaged with a vast selection of reports from state, federal, and environmental agencies, ensuring you have everything you need to confidently handle your regulatory reporting requirements.

    ProdView is the ultimate solution for accurately measuring and documenting greenhouse gas volumes generated from fuel, flare, and vent activities, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. Moreover, it offers intuitive visualization tools for comprehensive analysis and streamlined reporting. By utilizing Peloton, organizations can effortlessly monitor and report their emissions, resulting in significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. 

    With Peloton's ProdView Go, capture production and operations data faster, easier, and more precisely. Utilize cutting-edge technology, including mobility, GPS, push notifications, and seamless synchronization, to collect data in the field and communicate with your office team seamlessly. Transform operations by managing routes based on dynamic to-do lists. From operations to inspections, clients efficiently manage a wide range of tasks with ProdView and ProdView Go.

    The Peloton Operations Center is a fully integrated solution that enhances field operations management by proactively identifying issues and prioritizing wells and facilities. It allows for efficient communication between head office, field office, and field personnel, with customizable hierarchy and exception alerts. This collaboration tool visualizes assets on a map and list view.

    The Ops dashboard allows you to easily view and manage your operations. Quickly see tasks, alerts, and production levels. Identify and prioritize assets, create exceptions and alerts, and track deferred production.

    Tasks visualizer helps you manage your monthly to-do list. View tasks by date, in calendar or list format. Filter tasks by type, status, linked item, and priority. Add, edit, and set priority levels. Specify recurring intervals.

    Forms editor allows you to create and modify forms for filling out in the mobile app. Create forms for operations, compliance, inspection, and more. Attach forms to tasks and send to the field.

    Emissions tool provides accurate measurements of fuel, flare, and vent emissions. Monitor emissions in gas volume, methane or CO2 equivalents. Customize hierarchy and view cumulative emissions on a map. Capture emissions data in ProdView or ProdView Go.

  • Land Data Management Solution
    Peloton’s Land Data Management solution encompasses workflows to lease acquisition, ownership history, payments, and related obligations....

  • LandView is a comprehensive system that efficiently tracks and manages all agreements throughout the land process. With our powerful software, you can seamlessly associate file types with their respective wells, facilities, and business associates, streamlining your operations and reducing administrative burdens. Easily monitor obligations, payments, royalties, acreage, and division of interest, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. And with our innovative title chain visualizer and reporting tools, you can visualize and analyze this data in a clear and intuitive way, making informed decisions and driving your business forward.

    Peloton Map offers a dynamic and immersive experience with state-of-the-art visualization and dashboard tools, powered by ArcGIS and Esri mapping software. By utilizing Map as a centralized spatial hub, you can effortlessly explore and engage with Wells from WellView, Files from LandView, Jobs and stages from Peloton Frac, Sites and components from SiteView, Flow networks and units from ProdView, and Water networks and units from Peloton Water. Unlock the power of location intelligence and seamlessly navigate through your Peloton products with ease.

  • Well Integrity & Reliability Solution
    The Peloton Platform offers comprehensive integrity and reliability data management solutions for the energy industry....

  • Peloton is the leading provider of cutting-edge integrity and reliability data management solutions for the energy industry. Our innovative software and tools have revolutionized the way companies manage their well integrity, predict failures, and analyze reliability. With Peloton's state-of-the-art WIMS (Well Integrity Management System), WRMS (Well Reliability Management System), and RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) software, we empower our clients to maintain the utmost level of integrity and reliability in their operations.

    Our comprehensive workflows and data-driven analytics not only ensure the safety and security of well assets but also optimize production uptime and significantly reduce maintenance costs. With Peloton's integrity and reliability solutions, companies can confidently maximize their profitability while upholding a solid reputation in the industry.

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