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iQx™ by AGR Software

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We offer engineers to be engineers.

iQx™ is cloud native software built on the modern architecture. Through Open API, it can connect to all other softwares.

Brands: Understanding the complexity of time and cost estimation and rig scheduling, iQx™ software provides plug-and-play applications that deliver both instant benefits and long-term value.

 Press Releases

  • Desktop tools remain a popular choice when it comes to drilling time and cost estimation. Many well engineering professionals rely on Excel for its flexibility, familiarity, and broad range of functionalities. It is often used for data entry, basic AFE calculations, creating time and cost models, and also generating basic well reports.

    As the demand for more accurate and comprehensive time and cost estimation increases during well planning, a specialized probabilistic planning software with advanced statistical modeling and simulation capabilities is gaining more traction within the energy industry.

    Read pros and cons of excel and specialised software in well planning.

    Read in more depth: iQx - AGR Software (

  • The iQx PLANS software effectively tackles cyber security concerns through the integration of robust cybersecurity elements, such as the incorporation of Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols. Additionally, the software provides versatile options for local deployment, enhancing the security measures in place to safeguard sensitive information.

    Read in more detail how iQx - AGR Software (


  • Well Time & Cost Estimation with Uncertainty Span
    Unlock precise insights, maximize decision-making. Our probabilistic estimation software empowers you with advanced statistical models, intuitive visualization, and seamless collaboration. Gain accuracy, save time, and optimize outcomes....

  • Harnessing the power of advanced statistical models and cutting-edge technology, our probabilistic estimation software revolutionizes decision-making.

    Advanced Statistical Models that handle complexities like distributions, correlations, and uncertainties. This means more realistic estimations improving drilling budgets.

    Monte Carlo Simulation runs thousands or millions of iterations, revealing the probabilities of different outcomes.

    iQx PLANS provides powerful visualization capabilities to transform your estimation data into meaningful charts, graphs, and reports.

    Seamless Collaboration features, enabling multiple team members to work simultaneously on estimation projects.

    Our software integrates seamlessly with other tools and systems through open API.

    iQx PLANS empowers your organization to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall performance. Don't settle for outdated methods or generic spreadsheets.

  • Drilling Time and Cost Tracker
    Track drilling time & costs in real time. Sync seamlessly with other softwares to boost efficiency and accuracy....

  • With real-time drilling time and cost tracking capabilities and seamless synchronization with other softwares, iQx CT empowers the user to stay in control of their well project costs, avoid costly overruns, and monitor the actual costs vs sanctioned budget in real time.

    Through open API, CT synchronizes with other industry leading software systems, such as logistics management tools and daily drilling reports, ensuring that all data is accurately shared and updated across multiple platforms.

    CT delivers detailed time breakdowns, cost summaries, or comprehensive analytics, that can be shared to other accounting and cost analysis tools like PowerBI.

  • Save Drilling Experiences
    iQx Ex is designed to save and leverage drilling experiences, empowering the user with invaluable insights and enhancing operational efficiency....

  • Are disconnected spreadsheets and scattered knowledge holding back your company's growth? It's time for a change! iQx Ex facilitates the gathering, storage, and analysis of experiences and lessons learned.

    As centralized cloud archive, iQx Ex reduces the risk of data loss or inaccuracies through human error. By providing standardized templates, powerful search functionality, and more efficient workflows, Ex ensures consistent documentation across multi discipline teams, fostering a culture of accuracy and accountability.

    Additionally, iQx motivates the user to embrace learning and continuous improvement. By facilitating the sharing and analysis of experiences, our software creates a dynamic environment where valuable insights are actively sought and applied.

    iQx Ex offers an intuitive search functionality that allows users to quickly locate past experiences based on specific parameters such as rig, location, or similar events. 

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