CT Specialized Downhole

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CT Specialized Downhole provides innovative drilling and completion tools for the global oil & gas market. We pride ourselves on being a leading edge service provider that work with clients to optimize their D&C programs.


  • Toe Tapper
    The Toe Tapper is a coiled tubing friction reduction tool that uses a negative pressure pulse to create an axial force at a low frequency, resulting in a periodic fluid hammer effect which stimulates the coiled tubing to reduce frictional drag....

  • Applications
    * Extended reach well stimulation operations
    * Extended reach well intervention procedures
    * Extended reach composite bridge plug milling
    * Extended reach toe preparation
    * Extended reach sand clean-out
    * Extended reach production logging
    * Extended reach abrasive perforating

    Tool Sizes:
    2.125" (54mm)   2.875" (73mm)   3.125" (79.28mm)

For technical assistance please contact: Support@a2zinc.net