Dover Chemical Corporation

Dover,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 213

Dover Chemical Corp Booth 213 -Supplier of Superior CT Lubes

Dover Chemical Corporation has been supplying superior lubricants to the Gas & Oil market for more than 25 years. Dover developed the best coiled tubing and snubbing lubricant for extreme conditions, which has exceptional performance for use in laterals running in excess of 7500 feet, with unbeatable cost to performance ratio.

Brands: DFA1535 Let us compare your CT lube against DFA1535EM; DFA0938 Our Drilling Fluid for superior WBM performance; DFA277 Our best off shore Drilling Fluid lube; DFA1121 Our OBM & WBM Drilling Fluid lube.


  • Doverlube DFA 1535
    A Rotary-Drilling & Coiled-Tubing Lubricant...

  • Doverlube DFA-1535 is an innovative, patent-pending sulfurized lubricant additive, highly reactive to both metal and silicate surfaces. It reduces torque/friction by more than 50% for both conventional rotary and coiled-tubing (CT) drillings at 1% usage level in water-based mud formula or CT formula, 2.5 times more effective lubricant than a popular commercial counterpart. In the laboratory, DFA-1535 shows excellent gel strength at 350F aging. The product has an outstanding pour point of minus-35C.

  • Doverlube DFA 0938
    A Rotary-Drilling & Coiled-Tubing Lubricant...

  • Doverlube DFA-0938 is the blend of sulfurized fatty compounds and hydrocarbons, the most popular lubricant additive manufactured by Dover Chemical Corporation. It reduces torque/friction by 40-50% for both conventional rotary and coiled-tubing (CT) drillings at 1% usage level in water-based mud or CT formula. In the laboratory, DFA-0938 shows an effective friction-reduction capability at 150-350F aging.

  • Doverlube DFA 277
    Rotary Drilling, Coiled Tubing, High-Temperature Drilling Lubricants...

  • Doverlube DFA-277 reduces drilling torque and drag, minimizes pipe sticking, and increases bit life. The most effective application is in deep and deviated wells.  It meets and consistently exceeds requirements specified by NPDES (permit #GMG290000, pertaining to Gulf of Mexico discharges) and does not increase toxicity of the base mud, LC-50 of 465,685 ppm at 5 volume %. Doverlube DFA-277 is also non-foaming, non-fluorescent, non-surface active and compatible with other typical drilling mud components.

    Blended with 5% emulsifier, Doverlube DFA-277 is also an excellent lubricant for coiled-tubing, rendering 70% friction reduction in metal-to-metal contact at 1% level in CT fluid.

    The water-based mud (WBM) containing 1% of Doverlube DFA-277 retains adequate rheology viscosities and gel strength, and excellent lubricity or friction reduction after being aged (AHR) for 16 hours and at either 150° F, 250° F, or 350° F.

    Doverlube DFA-277 can be added directly to the mud hopper or to the mud pit. Doverlube DFA- 277 should be kept in closed drums or bulk containers to avoid contact with air or moisture when not in use. To facilitate handling, it may be heated to 130° F (54° C) without adverse effects. Doverlube DFA-277 should be maintained between 80-100° F. Exposure to 0° F for a prolonged time period will solidify. To return the material to its original condition, cold drums should be warmed to 80-100° F. Blending temperature should not exceed 130° F.

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