Nine Energy Service

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 106

Nine Energy Service, Inc. is a leading onshore completion and production services provider targeting unconventional oil and gas resources development across all major basins in the U.S. and Canada. Nine offers a portfolio of game-changing technologies through our Cementing, Coiled Tubing, Completion Tools, Wireline, and Well Servicing offerings.


  • Scorpion Composite Plug
    The Nine Energy Scorpion Composite Plug delivers a dependable, durable and cost-efficient method for temporary zone isolation during stage fracs in both vertical and horizontal wells....

  • The Scorpion Plug has a shorter length with fewer buttons on its upper slips. This packer design reduces the risk of breakage seen with ceramic slips commonly used with competitors’ plugs.

    • Packer-style composite plug
    • Single elastomer element – compression energized
    • Segmented back-up rings
    • Single grip opposing slips
    • Ceramic gripping buttons
    • Filament wound fiberglass construction 

  • RedVision Logging Services
    Providing actual drillout data near bit, RedVision Logging Services collects downhole data consisting of Weight on Bit, Torque, Pressure, Temperature, and G-Forces....

  • RedVision Logging Service utilizes a 26 inch memory sub to capture weight on bit, motor torque output, downhole pressure, tempurature and G-force output from extended reach tools.  Downhole data is merged with surface data to develop a clearer picture of the drillout process, leading to increased efficiency for future operations.  The tools are available in 3 1/2" and 2 7/8" diameters and have the capacity to be run on either coiled tubing or jointed pipe.
  • CoilOps Real Time Data Services
    CoilOps software provides cloud based logistics along with real-time job logging and data services....

  • CoilOps Real Time Data Services encompasis cloud based scheduling logistics, tracking utilization of each asset and personnel along with individual certifications, inspections and maintenance intervals.  Real-time job logging and graphing capabilities provides the client and support staff critical information in a timely manner leading to more efficient and safer operations.  
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