WWT International

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 710

Come see our new WWT CT Tractor for milling plugs

WWT International offers a range of Coiled Tubing Tractors™, including a new model specifically designed for milling plugs, and tools to make your CT operations as efficient as possible for nearly every well profile and condition. We are experienced in well intervention, stimulation and logging, as well as CT milling and well cleanout.

Brands: Products include: WWT CT Tractors™ for milling and intervention, WWT Isolating Circulation Subs, WWT Anti-Compression Subs™ and WWT Repeating Circulation Subs™


  • WWT Relief Valve Sub™
    Coiled tubing tool to increase efficiency...

    • Features a pressure-relief valve and adjustable orifice to control pressure and flow on the front end of the coiled tubing string
  • WWT Repeating Circulation Sub™ (RCS)
    Coiled tubing tool that enables multiple stimulations without pulling out of hole...

    • The through-bore design of the WWT RCS allows e-line tools to be positioned below the tool
    • Repeatedly cycles between conveying working fluid to downhold tools and venting fluid to annulus
    • Ideal for hole cleaning
    • Variable pressure settings allow for adaptability to specific customer needs
  • WWT Anti-Compression Sub™
    Prevents compression damage to sensitive logging equipment run in front of powerful WWT CT Tractors™...

    • Features adjustable acutation setting and near instantaneous function
    • Is infinitely resettable
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