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Enabling Digital Slickline.

A digitally enabled slickline system can facilitate real-time data for decision-making in well-intervention activities.

The digitally enabled slickline system can utilize conventional winch and pressure control equipment to allow deployment into the well, thus leveraging existing field infrastructure and personnel.  Alternatively, the system can be deployed and incorporated within an all-electric winch, yielding further enhancements.

Designed for wireline intervention in long, highly deviated, and horizontal wells, the system demonstrates real-time surface communication using bi-directional telemetry system. Once deployed in the well, as per conventional slickline procedures, real-time monitoring and control of sensory strings or mechanically functioned strings is enabled.  The functioning of various 3rd party tools and services from surface is possible through the use of proprietary software and protocol adaptors, thus again leveraging existing tool technologies.

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