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FracPredictor™: the first and only 3G Engineering software

Cutting edge Geoengineering software where data from multiple disciplines is integrated to optimize unconventional reservoir development in any price environment. Geologic and geomechanical simulation driven adaptive frac design and frac hit mitigation. Engineered cluster spacing using surface drilling data to improve completion performance

 Press Releases

  • THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- FracGeo announces the launch of StimPredictorTM, a  desktop module of FracGeo's FracPredictorTM software platform and GMXFracTM  a cloud based web service for real-time optimization of perforation and fracture treatment design of unconventional and tight reservoir wells by adapting to the lithologic and stress variability using surface drilling data

    StimPredictorTM represents the next generation in frac design and analysis software, deploying novel complex physics able to account for current operational realities combined with advanced algorithms for real time results. StimPredictorTM   captures the actual geologic and geomechanical data along each studied well by leveraging commonly available surface drilling data instead of constant properties from pilot or nearby wells. This unique feature in StimPredictorTM is available thanks to FracGeo’s ability to compute pore pressure, stresses, natural fractures, and geomechanical logs along any wellbore with just surface drilling data. These logs, are used to geoengineer the completion by adjusting cluster locations to treat geomechanically similar rocks and build 3D models that are used as input in StimPredictorTM. The geoengineered 3D constrained frac design is used during pumping in FracGeo's cloud based GMXFracTM technology to adapt the design and propose an optimal treatment in real time.

    Ahmed Ouenes, CEO, says, "StimPredictorTM   and GMXFracTM technology is the next generation in frac design and analysis, completion optimization, and real time adaptive fracing.  A major advantage of the new technology is its ability to use standard surface drilling data to capture the geologic and geomechanical variability along each well and adapt the fracing to that subsurface reality." Ouenes added "Pumping companies now have the ability to customize the fracing of each stage in real time using their various types of fluids, and proppants."

    Peter O’Conor, VP Sales and Marketing, says, " StimPredictorTM and GMXFracTM provide our clients and partner pumping company actionable information specific to each well to geoengineer their completion and to adapt the fracing to the complex reality of the subsurface to achieve the highest well performance at minimal cost and time."

    About FracGeo

    FracGeo provides Shale Management™ technologies to improve asset ROR and well performance in unconventional reservoirs. These solutions are deployed using FracPredictor™ software and include: sweetspot and landing zone selection, geomechanical modeling, adaptive asymmetric frac design, and well spacing optimization.

    CONTACT:  Peter O'Conor,, + 1 (281) 455-5197


  • FracPredictor™
    FracPredictor™ integrate Geophysics, Geology and Geomechanics (3G) to solve GeoEngineering problems. FracPredictor™ includes 11 modules that address the needs of unconventional reservoirs....

  • DrillPredictor™: Surface drilling data to compute Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy to estimate pore pressure, stresses, natural fractures, and geomechanical logs. GeoEngineered completion using CMSE results.

    LogPredictor™: Petrophysics, natural fracture proxies, pore pressure using conventional logs

    SeisPredictorTM spectral decomposition, volumetric curvature, colored inversion, and lithology constrained extended elastic inversion.

    MapPredictorTM 2D mapping using geostatistics and artificial intelligence

    StratPredictorTM   Structural frameworks and  structured 3D geocellular grids.

    RockPredictorTM  3D reservoir modeling using geostatistics and artificial intelligence

    GMXPredictorTM  Reservoir geomechanics using the Material Point Method to represent the interaction between hydraulic and natural fractures and able to predict microseismicity. Poroelasticity to model frac hits.

    SRVPredictorTM Captures the SRV from geomechancial simulation or microseismic

    StimPredictorTM  Geologically and geomechancially constrained 3D frac design and analysis

    ProdPredictorTM Asymmetric tri-linear model and Fast Marching Method to predict EUR and pressure depletion.

    EconPredictorTM Economics

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