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DarkVision’s high-resolution acoustic imaging gives oil and gas operators the ability to see inside their wells, regardless of fluid clarity. With resolutions of 0.01”, our platform, the HADES, provides exceptionally detailed images of perforations, connections, casing damage, FCDs, wellheads, wellbore trajectories, wall thickness, and wellbore restrictions. For well integrity applications, HADES identifies and quantifies erosion, corrosion, cracks, and defects with previously unobtainable accuracy.

DarkVision’s comprehensive perforation erosion evaluation provides operators with an in-depth view of their hydraulic fracturing program performance, including perforation growth, cluster efficiency, heel-toe biases, phase angle biases, and casing damage at plug locations. HADES can scan a 30,000ft lateral in a single pass at speeds surpassing 30ft per minute. 

We are trusted by the largest operators in the United States, the Middle East and Europe to deliver groudbreaking results. Visit our Booth to discuss our award-winning technology.