Luxfer MEL Technologies/QuantumPro, Inc

Elektron Technology Centre
Manchester,  M27 8LN

United Kingdom
+44 330 822 6000 &
  • Booth: 520

Luxfer MEL Technologies, supplier of SoluMag magnesium alloys & QuantumPro, Inc., provider of ultrahigh-resolution nanoparticle tracers.

Luxfer MEL Technologies, world leader in functional magnesium alloy development, produces SoluMag® Magnesium Alloys for oil & gas downhole tools and applications. SoluMag is a high strength magnesium alloy that corrodes predictably in aq. brine fluids.  Tools and components made from SoluMag dissolve after use, eliminating the need for drill-out.

QuantumPro, Inc. and our flagship FloTrac™, OmniTrac™, PerfTrac™ ultrahigh-resolution nanoparticle tracer technologies have delivered unprecedented flow behavior insight, enabling energy companies to optimize completion and reservoir performance, at a fraction of the costs of competitive diagnostic technologies. Abetted with advanced data-driven diagnostics, the next-generation nanoparticle tracers provide an inert and non-invasive mechanism that gives you a precise, actionable and near real-time flow profile at the stage level, making it the intelligent choice to maximize the value of your development asset.