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Come see how our range of chemical tracer technologies can provide oil, gas and water flow insight to help optimize your field development.

Our range of advanced chemical tracer technologies provide subsurface flow insight with no well intervention or disruption to normal field operations. We provide operators with the ability to measure oil, gas and water flow from each stage and correlate stage production with geophysical, drilling and completions data. The technology also allows flow assurance from toe to heel and detects presence of cross flow between wells allowing optimization of well spacing and stimulation design.

Tracerco continues to invest in R&D and will be show casing our latest chemical tracer technology development that provides long term measurement of oil and water flow from specific sections of a well for multiple years. This long-term flow detection capability allows flow restrictions to be detected such as bridging further into a well's life in order that appropriate cleanout activities can be designed and executed to maximize oil recovery.

Brands: Tracerco tracer technology allows operators to improve completion/stimulation programs based upon actual hydrocarbon production rather than back flow of water added during the stimulation operations.