Cordax Evaluation Technologies

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Houston,  TX  77056

United States
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Welcome to Cordax. We offer the next evolution in formation evaluation technologies - Logging While Tripping (LWT).

We provide open hole logging services for any well geometry and eliminate the rig time and risk associated with wireline, LWD, or thru-the-bit logging services. Anywhere you can get a drill bit, LWT can obtain an open hole log.  Our LWT conveyance technology has removed all barriers to acquiring formation evaluation data.

Cordax's near wellbore evaluation through open hole logging services exceeds the data resolution and descriptions which are often inferred from other sources.  The LWT system provides log derived saturation, petrophysical, and geomechanical data along your lateral.

Our SCORE system allows for a log derived method to directly measure perf cluster efficiency and fracture stage uniformity.  This system is extremely operationally friendly as it often adds little to no additional operational time to acquire the necessary data.  All of the near wellbore attributes (geomechanics and cement variability) that drive the fracture uniformity can be evaluated with the data obtained.