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Introducing Deeprop®, a production enhancement hydraulic fracturing additive that has proven results in increasing EUR in unconventional shale plays.

Deeprop® works by entering and propping the extensive microfracture network that operators are creating through hydraulic fracturing and shear/slip of pre-exisitng fractures and faults; these fractures are too small for traditional proppants to enter. However, they do contribute a significant amount of production, but because they are unpropped they are prone to closure during production, resulting in rapid production decline rates. 

Other microproppant materials are angular and poorly sorted resulting in low permeability values that are similar to the matrix permeability. Deeprop® is perfectly spherical and has a 60,000psi crush rating, meaning it can enter the microfractures, keep them open, and provide a high permeability pathway to the wellbore.