Tenex Technologies

18 Station Ave
Berwyn,  PA  19312

United States
  • Booth: 208

Welcome to TenEx!

TenEx Technologies offers proprietary, materials-based technologies including:

  1. NanoClear®: Tailored nanofluids to improve the production of new completions and existing wells. 
  2. MicroHold®: Engineered microparticle slurry to improve frac efficiency, prop microfracs, and induce far-field diversion. 
  3. NoHit®: Innovative frac hit mitigation technology via in-situ pressurization reaction.
  4. SandBond™: Sand consolidation chemical solution.
  5. CeraFLO™: Greener, cost-effective proprietary blends to eliminate paraffin issues 
  6. FullSTIM: Tailored specialty blend packages to restimulate producing wells