ZL Chemicals Ltd.

Suite 1050, 5599 San Felipe Street
Houston,  TX  77056

United States
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ZL is a Global Producer of Polyacrylamides for Friction Reduction & Enhanced Oil Recovery applications.  Our polymers are purpose built specifically for this O&G applications utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process that yeilds the highest molecular weights in the industry.  Each product within ZL's portfolio of Friction Reducers exhibits extremely high performance across all brine conditions, with excellent Inversion Rates, outstanding Stability, & best-in-class Low-Sheer Viscosity.

We specialize in producing high performance Dry FR for stimulation, which can be applied "On-the-Fly" for the most effecient & cost-effective solution.  Alternatively, we offer each of our polymers in a liquid slurry form.  Our High Active slurries are loaded with polymer to yeild the best performance possible, while still maintaining incredible long term stability & excellent pumpability.  We maintain inventory in almost every North American basin for fast, reliable Last-Mile delivery or immediate pick-up.