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Frac Fields Fortified: Safety Beyond Expectations.

Rise Up Technologies & Hexagon proudly present an unparalleled Frac Fields safety solution, integrating cutting-edge LiDAR, High Definition Thermal imaging, and UHD Video technology with AI-driven processing. Our state-of-the-art system vigilantly monitors expansive thermal landscapes, swiftly identifying temperature anomalies. It promptly detects and alerts on the presence of heat spikes, smoke, or fire near operational Frac equipment, harnessing the power of high-resolution Long-wave Infrared (LWIR) augmented by Color Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE).

Leveraging Enterprise GPU On-Premise Analytics via a robust VMS Server, our solution delivers real-time Push Notifications and Alarms, ensuring both local and remote stakeholders stay informed and empowered to act decisively. We're redefining safety standards with a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates advanced technologies for proactive protection and immediate response, setting a new benchmark in Frac Fields safety.