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Effectively manage torque, drag & casing wear. See WWT #532.

WWT International has provided customer-focused solutions for 25+ years around the globe. WWT Protectors benefit operators by protecting casing, reducing torque & drag; improving drilling performance; & minimizing drillstring & surface equipment stress. WWT FlexShoe guides casing/liners through deviations, preventing hand-ups, improving running speed, & providing confidence that the casing will reach target depth. Full-service technical support & on-site service is provided 24/7 worldwide.

Brands: WWT Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP)™ WWT FlexShoe (FLX)™ Casing Running Tool


  • WWT Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP)™
    WWT Non-Rotating Protectors are a proven solution to significantly reduce casing wear, torque, drag, and buckling while improving drilling performance....

  • WWT NRPs are beneficial for deep directional wells, extended-reach wells, horizontal wells, deepwater riser operations, re-entries and sidetracks, shallow kickoffs, production riser applications, deep S-shaped wells, and many other applications.

    WWT NRPs are proven to:

    - Reduce torque up to 50%

    - Reduce drag +/-25% (Model SS)

    - Limit casing wear by maintaining tool joint standoff

    - Protect drillpipe

    - Reduce surface equipment and drillstring stress and fatigue

    - Protect riser, production riser and LMRP in adverse ocean conditions

    - Reduce buckling

    - Reduce stick slip

    - Prevent heat checking

    - Reduce vibration at surface

    - Operate without the need for expensive mud additives

    - Preserve casing integrity for future sidetracks

    - Increase weight to bit

    - Proactively reduce downtime expense related to equipment stress

    - Increase ROP

  • WWT FlexShoe (FLX)™
    The WWT FlexShoe is a strong, flexible, drillable composite casing shoe that enables the lead end of the casing/liner to traverse planned and unplanned wellbore profile changes to target depth both onshore and offshore....

  • Casing stiffness can create challenges running the casing through doglegs, around ledges and faults, and over softer formations. The FlexShoe significantly reduces the force required to traverse difficult zones, reducing bending stiffness by 95% compared to steel casing. This helps get casing to bottom faster, with less drag, and less chance of getting stuck. 

    - Body is approximately 5% of the stiffness of steel casing.

    - Allows cement to be pumped through the tool.

    - Unique coupling allows transition from the rigid casing to the FlexShoe while keeping stresses low.

    - Compatible with various connections, floats and casing running equipment.

    - Main structural components tested to 150% to 200% of the rated compressive load without failure.


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