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Focused on helping the world’s operators extend capabilities

WWT has provided customer-focused solutions for 25+ years around the globe. WWT Protectors benefit operators by protecting casing, reducing torque & drag, & improving drilling performance. WWT FlexShoe guides casing/liners through deviations, preventing hang-ups, improving running speed, & providing confidence to reach target depth.

Brands: WWT Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP)™ WWT FlexShoe (FLX)™ Casing Running Tool


  • WWT Non-Rotating Protectors
    WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ are the world’s most widely used mechanical drill-string friction reducer applicable in various well types to optimize energy delivery to bit by significantly reducing torque, drag, casing wear, heat checking and buckling....

  • Benefits & Features:

    • Stand-off between the drill-pipe and wellbore to prevent casing wear, riser wear, and heat-checking
    • Reduction in sliding and rotating friction factor
    • Robust but drillable design proven in the world’s harshest and most challenging wells
    • Comprehensive torque and drag analysis provided with all potential applications 
    • Safe and fast installation offline or online without adding connections
    • Compatible with oil-based, synthetic based, and water-based mud systems
    • Cased and open-hole capabilities
    • Reliable and secure installation to prevent slippage in challenging applications. 
    • On/off-site technical support and direction
    • 25+ years of knowledge and experience focused on continual improvement in product design and field operations 
  • WWT Performance Casing Guide Shoes
    A durable cost-effective approach to casing guide shoes. Products include the WWT FlexShoe, WWT JetGuide, and the WWT JetReam....

  • The WWT JetReam is a durable, cost-effective reamer shoe. The innovative design has no metal in the drill-out path, allowing faster drill-out with less risk than conventional reamer shoes. Powerful jetting nozzles enhance the WWT JetReam features to quickly wash through tight spots. The WWT JetReam uses a fail-safe design, with a large centerline bypass nozzle that opens at a customer-determined flow rate for cementing or to allow normal circulation in the event of plugged nozzles. 

    The WWT JetGuide is a powerful jetting shoe with up to 30 times more hydraulic force than normal jetting and guide shoes.  Speeds up casing runs by quickly washing through cuttings, debris, and salt or tar zones. Fail-safe design with large centerline nozzle that opens for cementing or if jets are plugged. Standard and eccentric models are available.

    The WWT FlexShoe reduces casing end loads up to 90%,  requiring less force to traverse casing across dog-legs. The innovative patented design reduces casing running risks, allowing operators to land casing at the intended target depth. Ideal for running large diameter casing above 30 deg inclination in Deepwater wells. The FlexShoe is also applicable for ERD and horizontal wells to reduce risks though high dog-legs, low-side sidetracks or unplanned deviations. 

  • WWT Slider-Clamp
    The WWT Slider-Clamp is a low-friction cable protector for running ESP, capillary, or injection lines on production tubing. A smooth outer profile provides centralization to protect the cable and banding....

  • The WWT Slider-Clamp reduces sliding friction by approximately 50% to provide a low-friction solution versus conventional steel clamps. The WWT Slider-Clamp is applicable for running ESP, capillary, or injection lines on production tubing. A smooth outer profile provides centralization to protect the cable and banding. Models are available to accept either 1-1/4” or 3/4” standard banding in 300 stainless or Monel materials depending on the application.

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