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Focused on improving safety, efficiency, and well integrity.

Our product portfolio includes the most widely used Casing Running Tools in the world, industry leading HydroFORM® Centralizers and Centralization Solutions and Torque Rings. All products are field-tested and supported with on-site service and training to ensure proper performance and reliability.

Brands: Casing Running Tools (CRTi™ and CRTe™) Multi Lobe Torque Rings (MLT Rings™) HydroFORM™ Centralizers


  • CRTi® and CRTe® Casing Running Tools
    Volant’s casing running tools are designed for casing drilling or running with top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate, and cement casing and liner string, reducing non-productive time and associated costs....

  • Now, more than ever, Volant’s casing running tools are the right tools when it comes to safety, efficiency and profitability. They incorporate multiple functions into one tool, reducing rig up and down time, equipment and personnel needed on the rig, advancing the industry toward a safer, more efficient casing running process.

    Volant casing running tools are 100% mechanical requiring no hydraulic equipment. They require less manpower to operate, are run directly by the driller and need less rig floor space. These tools thread directly onto the quill of any top drive, engaging the casing below, through a torque energized radially expanding die system.

    Volant continues to innovate advancing our casing running tools further by simplifying the steps required for the tool’s activation. Volant introduces ActiveSET™ technology, increasing overall speed and efficiency by providing mechanical release of the latching mechanism through set-down load only. This allows the operator to pick up the casing joint and immediately go into casing make-up.

    Reduce stabbing uncertainty with Volant’s VariLINK™ Adjustable Bail Extensions. Lightweight and easy to handle the VariLINK extensions are available in configurations ranging from 18” to 11’ and up. They can bring the casing within 3”- 6” from the bottom end of the casing running tool, improving the stabbing mechanics and facilitating a smoother transition from hoist to make-up. Rated to 25 ton, VariLINK extensions are designed for use with a single joint elevator through 5/8” shackles and are large enough to be compatible with bails up to 500 ton. With more control, comes increased safety.
  • HydroFORM® Centralizers
    Our hydroforming technology produces a smooth geometry centralizer with wrap around rib coverage that reduces torque and drag downhole, improves solids removal, fluid flow during casing or liner installation and enables a more uniform cement distribution....

  • Our high-quality, high-strength, smooth geometry uni-body centralizers are available for floating and fixed applications. Floating applications require the centralizer to move freely, both axially and rotationally on the casing. As a result, the centralizer acts as a plain bearing on the pipe freely rotating downhole, allowing the centralizers to overcome irregularities in the wellbore during run-in. The centralizer can be placed between stop collars, couplings or a combination of the two.

    In fixed applications the centralizer rotates with the casing at a fixed axial location on the casing or liner string. The centralizer can be attached to the casing by set screws or by crimping. Centralizer crimping is achieved using Volant’s RTF™ Radial Tubular Forming Tool.

    HydroFORM® Centralizers standard series feature a 0.26” wall thickness ranging from 3.5” – 13.38” O.D., SlimLINE series feature a 0.19” wall thickness available for 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” O.D., both offered in a variety of rib O.D. and profile designs.

    Whether standard or SlimLINE series, combining the right centralizer and placement strategy can significantly improve run efficiency, shortening run times and unlocking significant cost savings. We combine robust centralizer product with torque and drag analysis, stand-off modelling, and a deep understanding of casing string mechanics to develop centralization solutions that improve run-ability.
  • VolantRED™ Real-time Tubular Monitoring
    A real-time system that extends your engineering to field operations to optimize your well construction decisions. It continuously acquires data from the rig to provide safe surface hook load and torque load limits as you run your liner....

  • Our VolantRED™ Real-time Tubular Monitoring system prioritizes well integrity and quality assurance by combining your pre-defined liner load limits with well-founded estimates of downhole loads to generate real-time, safe surface loading envelopes. VolantRED provides you with a comprehensive record of your well construction loads at surface and downhole, allowing you to confirm the quality of your installation and optimize your liner design for future projects. It is your field-ready solution to make informed, expedient decisions that reduce non-productive time and safeguard your assets in the face of unexpected running challenges.

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Not only does VolantRED provide real-time safe running limits, friction history matching, runnability forecasts, and load limit predictions, version 2.0 brings with it algorithms that measure and analyze the efficiencies achieved in your casing run. VolantRED identifies the time and load path associated with each step in the casing running process from slip to slip so you can streamline your operations.

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