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Reelwell: empowering you to drill beyond boundaries

DualLink™ is the first wired drill pipe that leverages high speed digital telemetry and power downhole with a focus on design reliability. Designed for both land and offshore, DualLink™ enables improved drilling efficiency, well placement and rig automation whilst reducing BHA tool lengths and maintenance costs.

Brands: RDM (Reelwell Drilling Method), DEPTS (Downhole Electric Power and Telemetry System - Wired pipe)


  • DualLink
    Reliable, powered, digital drillpipe...

  • The downhole drilling sector has continually been driven forward by innovative technologies that have revolutionised operations. Over the years, innovative new technologies such as MWD / LWD, PDC bits, Rotary Steerable Systems, super spec drilling rigs and automation, have disrupted the sector and improved drilling performance around the world.

    However, in many ways, drilling operations are still being conducted “in the dark”. Optimal performance is held back by poor visibility downhole due to low telemetry data rates; challenged with measurements being taken far from the bit on ever longer BHA’s; compounded by lower than desired mechanical reliability and limited power available downhole.

    Driving forward a step change in efficient, high-quality, consistent well construction, DualLink will transform the drilling industry.
    As the only wired drill pipe to leverage digital telemetry, power and greater reliability downhole, the technology has been designed with the needs of both land and offshore drilling in mind.

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