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Our technical ceramics vastly improve drilling performance.

CoorsTek collaborates with you to engineer ceramic components for drilling equipment, pumps and compressors, and fluid control. Our custom solutions help you reduce your total cost of ownership by extending equipment life, lowering total cost of ownership, reducing non-productive time, and enhancing performance.

Brands: SurgeTek, Flowguard, Dura-Z, UltraSiC

 Press Releases

  • Patrick Stone, CoorsTek Inc., USA, discusses the performance benefits provided by magnesia partially stabilised zirconia ceramic buttons in plug and perf operations.

    An effective plug and perf process requires a multitude of moving parts to stimulate a well that produces at its highest capacity. The majority of today’s plugs are manufactured using a composite fibreglass material. Some are made of a magnesium alloy or an advanced thermoplastic material that dissolves after use, but these are not widely popular.

    Setting the plugs involves the use of an electric wire-line cable, which lowers a setting tool, perforating guns, and each plug down into the well. Gravity helps in the vertical section, and then fluid is pumped behind the plug to push it horizontally along the steel pipe inside the wellbore.

    When the plug is placed where it is needed, an electric pulse is sent down to actuate the setting tool and set the plug. At this point, the plug expands and a rubber seal is pressed against the full diameter of the inside of the pipe casing, effectively closing off a section of the pipe. In order to help hold the plug in place, little inserts on the outside of the plug, commonly known as ‘buttons’, are also pressed into the pipe interior and essentially bite into the steel, fixing the plug in the full article here


  • Silicon Carbide PDC Bit Displacers
    Engineered for PDC drill bit manufacturing, bit displacers help maintain orifice integrity during the casting of tungsten carbide drill bit bodies....

  • Drill bit displacers are produced from custom technical ceramic formulations to meet specific requirements of manufacturing and usage. Bit displacers must be tough enough to withstand the drill bit manufacturing process, yet they must be easily and cleanly removable from the drill bit orifice. See CoorsTek drilling components at 

  • Technical Ceramic Components
    Technical ceramic components for Mud Motors, MWD, LWD, and RSS Drilling tools....

  • Drilling tools endure extreme loading and wear conditions. Using CoorsTek’s engineered ceramic components in your drilling tools will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time. CoorsTek’s material experts understand challenging downhole applications and create optimal, best value custom solutions:

    • A Logging While Drilling (LWD) tool would use CoorsTek’s Yttria partially-stabilized Zirconia for electrical properties and structural strength.
    • A Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tool would use CoorsTek’s Dura-Z Zirconia for superior wear and durability.
    • A Rotary Steerable System (RSS) would use CoorsTek’s UltraSiC Silicon Carbide mechanical seal for hardness and corrosion resistance.
    • A mud motor would use CoorsTek’s UltraSiC Silicon Carbide for a durable, high performing bearing.

    See CoorsTek ceramic components for oil and gas at

  • Tungsten Carbide-Metal Stators
    Tungsten carbide insert for metal stators used for rotary steerable tools....

  • The Rotary steerable drilling spend is roughly 70% of total drilling spend. Rotary steerable tools are increasingly used in horizontal drilling because they produce a smoother kick-off and a straighter hole, which improves cleanout and production. These tools were once only used offshore but are now used in many onshore shale formations. CoorsTek tungsten carbide-metal stator sub-assemblies are made to our customer’s design using a heat shrink technology to join the metal and tungsten carbide insert. Then we employ precision grinding to bring the size and features into exact specification. Using CoorsTek stators in your rotary steerable tools will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time. For more information on rotary-steerable system components by CoorsTek, visit:

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