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TCO - Redefining Well Solutions

TCO is a Norwegian founded global oilfield services company who serves the offshore and onshore market. TCO specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of Completion Barrier Plugs, Chemical Injection Systems, Annulus Pressure Relief System and the provision of Tubing Conveyed Perforating equipment and services.


  • Landmarket: TCO's Glass Casing Flotation Device
    TCO Glass Casing Flotation Device allows operators to float casing to bottom in long laterals, even when using sliding sleeves and toe valves....

  • TCO Glass Casing Flotation Device allows operators to float casing to bottom in long laterals, even when using sliding sleeves and toe valves. Casing below the glass device is left empty allowing buoyancy to reduce friction through the lateral, while the weight of fluid above the device helps push casing to bottom. A floating casing in long laterals can remove the need to rotate casing to bottom, eliminating the need for premium casing threads.

    The Glass Casing Flotation Device is installed and run as an integrated part of the casing string. This increases the efficiency of the installation process and sets up to provide full bore access when the device is removed. The Glass Casing Flotation Device contains an internal pump open device as the primary removal option. The system is practical to operate and does not require TCO personnel on-site.

    TCO deliver Glass Casing Flotation Device in standard and customized bore diameters. Higher Pressure and temperature ratings can be delivered upon request.

    Pump Open Mechanism
    TCO’s patented pump open mechanism is set to open on a specific differential pressure. Simply apply pressure up to a pre-set value and device will open.

    Glass material
    Our patented laminated glass material provides a secure, non-corrodible seal under high temperature and axial loads, capable of withholding extreme levels of differential pressure from below. The glass material breaks into small particles which can be safely circulated through sleeves, toe valves, and float equipment. No debris trap required.


    • Casing Flotation
    • Packer Setting
    • Pressure Testing

    Features & Benefits

    • No Debris Trap Needed
    • No Impact on Cementing Operation
    • Reduced Rig Time
    • Full Bore Access
    • Hight Debris Tolerance
    • Sleeve/TIV Compatible
    • Custom Activation Pressure

    TCO Glass Casing Flotation Device

    Connection Size

    Outer Diameter

    Inner Diameter

    Max Activation Pressure




    7,500 psi




    8,000 psi

  • TCO Annulus Pressure Relief System
    The Annulus Pressure Relief System (also known as the B-Annulus Relief System) was developed to tackle the problem of B-annulus pressure build-up due to thermal expansion during well start-up....

  • The Annulus Pressure Relief System (also known as the B-Annulus Relief System) was developed to tackle the problem of B-annulus pressure build-up due to thermal expansion during well start-up.

    The Annulus Pressure Relief System (also known as the B-Annulus Relief System) was developed from TCO's Chemical Injection System product line. The product is approved as an ISO 14998 V0 barrier, and features check valves and an internal integrated filtration system. 

    The Annulus Pressure Relief System makes the B-annulus pressure independent of the downstream back pressure in the A-annulus, provided that the pressure in the B-annulus is greater than that in the A-annulus. The system ensures an independent operation in which the pressure that is bled off is not a function of the downstream pressure being bled into. 

    Conventional approaches constantly relieve pressure as the B-annulus pressure "tracks" the A-annulus pressure. Such constant pressure relief reduces the life of the well, risks barrier integrity and alters the supporting pressure both inside and outside of the casing.

    TCO's patented system only bleeds off the pressure that is necessary to hold and maintain a safe, pre-determined B-annulus pressure. The device will only flow when the B-annulus pressure reaches the pre-set relief pressure, regardless of the varying A-annulus pressure. This unique feature means that the system will not constantly flow throughout its life. The device provides a safe and reliable long-term V0 barrier, and operates "on-demand" only when required.

    Features and Benefits

    • Fixed B-annulus pressure
    • Stable pressure support from annulus
    • Prevents casing collapse due to pressure build-up in annulus
    • Prevents casing burst due to loss of pressure support in annulus
    • Quick and simple installation as integral part of casing string
    • Bleeds off pressure from annulus automatically
    • One-way communication from B-annulus to A-annulus
    • Approved ISO 14998 V0 gas-tight barrier from A-annulus to B-annulus
    • Enables controllable bleed-down of annulus pressure
    • Controls pressure during start-up of new HT wells without risking further communication from A-annulus to B-annulus    


    • Subsea wells with no access to annulus
    • Wells exposed to thermal expansion of closed fluid volume (HPHT wells) in annulus
    • Wells with annulus monitoring
    • To replace conventional approach of using burst disks between A-annulus and B-annulus
    • To replace use of crushable foam on inner casing
    • Wells with a desired pre-set annulus max. pressure

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  • Completion Barrier Glass Plugs
    TCO Disappearing Glass Barrier Plugs provide a total seal (ISO 14310V0) against all fluids under extreme conditions. The disappearing features reduces operational risks and increase efficiency for the oil and gas field operators....

  • Tubing Disappearing Plug (TDP ®)

    TCO's first patented laminated glass barrier plug increases well productivity, improves efficiency, and helps to prevent accidents and environmental hazards. Ideal for extreme conditions and fixed cost operations. 

    Tubing Disappearing Plug 2 (TDP-2™)

    Developed from the award-winning TDP barrier plug, TDP-2 features improved installation, operational efficiency and remote cycling capabilities.

    Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 (TDP-3™)

    Developed using the experience gathered from around 200 TDP installations worldwide, TDP-3 represents a major step change in disappearing barrier plug technology with its high tolerance for debris, ISO 14310 V0 certification, large bore ID and redundant cycling mechanisms. 

    Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 High Pressure High Temperature (TDP-3 HPHT™)

    The TDP-3 HPHT features improved installation and remote cycling capabilities, and was developed to tackle the challenges associated with high pressure, high temperature wells (HPHT).

    Tubing Disappearing Plug Pump-Open (TDP-PO®)

    The TDP-PO utilizes the most advanced, low risk barrier solution. The TDP-PO integrates a hydraulic removal pump-open mechanism within the plug package, which is triggered remotely without the use of explosives. 

    Disappearing Tubing Hanger Plug (DTHP™)

    The DTHP is tubing conveyed, and incorporates a bypass which allows the operator to carry out all necessary operations before closing it to form an ISO 14310 V0 approved barrier. This saves operators significant rig time offshore.

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