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Encline Artificial Lift Technologies: IoT for Production

Encline Artificial Lift Technologies brings “Internet of Things” technology and real-time optimization to artificial lift and production equipment for horizontal oil wells. We create simple, robust IT hardware with embedded "learning" algorithms for autonomous, automated control of sucker rod pumps, gas-lift and related equipment.


  • Pump Stroke Optimization
    PSO is a “learning cruise control” for sucker rod pumps. PSO automatically adjusts upstroke and downstroke pumping speeds to achieve optimum pump fillage and mitigate gas interference. More importantly, it frees operator personnel to do other tasks....

  • Encline's Pump Stroke Optimization product (PSO) is a retrofit to existing Rod Pump Controllers with VFD's to improve pumping operations in horizontal wells.  Having introduced pumping slower on the downstroke in SPE181228 as a viable means to reduce pump slippage and mitigate gas interference, PSO automatically adjusts upstroke and downstroke pumping speeds using patented algorithms. Normal RPC's are misled by slug and wave flow, often resulting in full spectrum speed changes and excessive low fillage events.PSO solves this problem by regularly adjusting the maximum working speed based on analysis of several hours of observed pumping speeds and low pump fillage events. 

    With extended field trials on over 80 wells in 3 Basins, PSO has been proven to reduce the number of strokes up to 40% while maintaining oil production. Power savings similar to stroke reductions were also achieved. In a few cases, oil production increased because PSO did a better job in choosing pumping speeds.

    PSO saves manpower, reduces pump slippage, improves pump fillage, cuts electricity use, and reduces wear caused by gas compression and sucker rod buckling, and is IoT ready.

  • Phase Transition Control
    This product improves gas-lift compressor operation. Gas temps are controlled in a patent pending manner, keeping hydrocarbons from condensing (SPE 181773), preventing hydrates and tank vapor emission issues, while eliminating methanol injection....

  • Compressors used by industry for gas-lift are really designed for gas sales, where keeping the gas cool is paramount for proper glycol dehydrator operation. The gas associated with horizontal liquids rich wells is full of NGL's which will condense in the coolers, as industry has not designed them to prevent condensation. This hydrocarbon condensation will freeze dump lines when dropping pressure as it leaves compressor scrubbers due to the phase change, and will also cause a vapor event at the tanks.  If a Tank VRU compressor is not oversized to handle this, these valuable BTU's are incinerated in a flare.  The solution is to keep temperatures from dropping below 130 degrees F, which prevents any hydrocarbons from condensing, and sending more gas downhole where needed.

    More importantly, elevated discharge temperatures eliminate the need to inject methanol, which is dangerous to handle due to flamability and burning clear.  Methanol also works against the filming action of corrosion programs, putting your wellbore tubulars at risk for the life of the well.

    Like all Encline products, the PTC device hosts an actionable webpage, making it IoT ready.

  • Smart ESD for Pumps and Pumping Units
    Pumping units are often ill equipped to annunciate ESD causes, if even equipped with proper shutdowns. This device is an IoT enabled local and remote standardized shutdown and annunciation system, via either Scada or the webpage it hosts.<br />...

  • Most pump shutdowns are annunciated only by a single light or alarm relay, with the lease operator left to deduce the cause. Smart ESD is a low cost device that simplifies this task, while adding the ability to easily connect to an operators Scada system, or to host an actionable webpage.  Now, the lease operator can look at his phone to see if the shutdown cause was: vibration switch, low or high flowline pressure, high tank or enviropot level, or if the pumping unit is down due to timer or rod pump controller commands.

    Although the base version provides for incorporation of the following shutdown events, an enhanced version will annunciate phase failures, motor overloads, production facility ESD's, or when local On-Off or HOA switches have been operated.

    Smart ESD with Vibration Detection uses a Metrix transducer to trend rotating equipment vibration, shutting down when problems arise. Smart ESD with Frac Hit Early Warning ESD's when atypical fluid entry due to offset frac hits occurs, and collects realtime tubing and casing pressure data.

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