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Worldwide petrophysical consulting services & software

Digital Formation provides consulting and technical services for geological and petrophysical activities, as well as analysis and presentation software. Our focus is on extracting as much information as possible from triple-combo log data.

 Press Releases

  • It is commonly recognized that unconventional reservoir systems have mixed wetting – both a water-wet fraction and an oil-wet fraction.  Analysis of rock samples has been used for many years to measure reservoir wetting (Kumar et al 2015).  However, there are no currently available petrophysical techniques for wetting categorization using readily available logging suites.  In 2016 (AAPG, Las Vegas) using triple-combo logs we presented data from a number of unconventional reservoirs categorizing the porosity component that is water-wet, and recognizing another component that is oil-wet. The oil-wet component is organic porosity, generated from the total organic carbon during the thermal maturation process.  This organic porosity has not been previously calculated in standard petrophysical analysis.

    The approach has very significant applications to the study of flow characteristics of unconventional reservoirs.  The amounts of porosity that are oil-wet and water-wet can be quantified level by level.  Each component will have markedly different flow characteristics to derive a combined response for the total system.

  • Using triple-combo logs, it is possible to quantify four porosity components, namely clay porosity, total organic carbon, effective porosity (inorganic), and effective porosity (organic) (Holmes, et al 2017). Organic porosity is formed during thermal maturation of the total organic carbon.

    Comparisons can be made between organic porosity and total organic carbon to relate to the comparisons of Ro and percent porosity in the kerogen (Modica and Lapierre 2012).

    In a comparison of the Bakken of North Dakota with Mowry data, it appears that the Bakken has significantly greater organic porosity development – about 30% of the TOC (Ro = 0.67) has been converted to porosity.  The Modica and Lapierre Mowry data indicates a 10% conversion at Ro = 0.67.

    Examples from the Bakken of North Dakota (left) and the Modica and Lapierre Mowry data (right)


  • LESA
    Complete deterministic petrophysical analysis for single or multi-well studies. Extensive curve editing capabilities include automatic depth-shifting and auto despiking....

  • LESA is Windows based software that will provide complete deterministic log analysis and interpretation. The following file formats are supported:

    • LAS
    • LBS
    • LIS (through a conversion step)

    Most open-hole logs may be incorporated into the interpretations, from a minimum of a single porosity log, to any combination of modern log suites, and incorporate specific tool responses of the major service companies.

    The software provides the user a series of templates for graphical output and gives the ability to modify these or create totally new templates as needed. Net pay and net sand calculations can be determined for any designated interval, using cutoff parameters defined by the interpreter. Sub-zones are summed for a complete reservoir appraisal.

  • RIS-View
    Provides a very quick and simple way to view digital files using customizable templates....

  • RIS-View is Windows® based software that provides a very quick and simple way to view digital files. The following file formats are supported:

    • LAS
    • LBS
    • LIS
    • ASCII

    One of the primary strengths of RIS-View is the ease of use; it allows the user to quickly see the digital data they are working with. The presentation can be done using one of several plot templates provided with the product, or the user can modify one of these to meet specific needs. There is also the feature that allows the user to develop as many plot templates to their specifications as needed. New plots are created through the use of Wizards that guide the user through the creation in an effortless manner.

    Another strength of RIS-View is the fact there is no limit to the number of tracks or curves used on a template. These tracks can also be annotated with formation top information where desired. The user may also create forms to present information as either a header or trailer to the log. Customization is made easy through several options that allow placement and sizing of multiple forms on a template.

    Many users of RIS-View are using the software to verify the data they have purchased is usable, correct and what they needed to get the project done. The versatility of RIS-View allows them to quickly open the application and import a file. With the ability to modify or produce templates that are designed to their needs it is an easy and effortless way to verify their data.

    The product has the ability to be automated so it will link to other applications. One of the main reasons a user would want to do this is to do accurate “check” logs when digitizing data. This automation capability also allows users to have RIS-View run in the background of another application and perform the log function upon menu command.

    The users of RIS-View have found that the ability to use unlimited numbers of tracks, curves, color fills, and curve states gives them flexibility in verifying their data. This combined with RIS-View’s ability to export EMF images gives the user several options to present hard copy data. The product will directly output to any Windows-supported printer or plotter and will print in either black and white or full color. Through the use of EMF images, the user also has the option to include this output in Word documents for reports, PowerPoint Presentations or any other Windows based product that will import this format. 
  • RIS-Info
    A complete composite presentation package for all types of logs, including annotation of text, lithology, and images....

  • RIS-Info is Windows® based software that provides a complete composite presentation package for all types of logs. The following file formats are supported:

    • LAS
    • LBS
    • LIS
    • ASCII

    Mudlogs, wireline logs, MWD/LWD, survey and test data are provided at the wellsite by the service companies, often in multiple files, and in a variety of formats. RIS-Info enables the user to import all these different types of data into a single database. RIS-Info also stores the drawn lithology, geologic modifiers, engineering symbols, annotation text and images, which may be incorporated into the overall presentation.

    The user may use one of the many plot templates that are provided with the product for data presentation, including things such as TVD and time plots. Tadpole plots can be included on the same presentation, as desired. These templates are easily modified to meet the user’s specific needs, or with the assistance of a Wizard new templates can be created. There is no limit to the number of tracks or curves used on a template. The user may also create forms to present information as either a header or trailer to the log. Customization is made easy through several options that allow placement and sizing of multiple forms on a template. (See sample output)

    Users of RIS-Info have found the graphics capability of this product to be extremely powerful. This is the primary strength of the product and is why Digital Formation feels this product is one of the premier graphical solutions for the E&P Industry. This group has found that the ability to import high-resolution graphics such as thin sections makes this an extremely valuable presentation tool.

    The product contains all the common lithology symbols, engineering symbols and modifiers the average user needs to present his log information in an impressive manner. The user may also add additional symbols.  Full color is provided to all presentations. Annotations can be stored in the database for the well.

    Whether you need to present data to management or partners, RIS-Info will meet all your needs. 

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