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Novel Technology saving at least 20-30% fracking fluids cost

Sichuan Guangya Polymer Chemical Co.,Ltd (SCGY) is the biggest associative polymer manufacturer with strong R&D ability for more than 28 years in China.Our products are widely used in the Chemical EOR,Reservoir Deep Profile Control&Plugging, Non-crosslinked Fracturing fluids.Guangya is always to providing the best products and technical solution.


  • GRF-1H for Non-Crosslinked fracturing fluids
    The Associative Polymer has its distinguishable characteristics of “One polymer for both Gel Fracturing Fluid and Slick Water”, and is applicable to a wide range of reservoir conditions, especially “High Temperature & High Salinity” conditions....

  • The polymer presents good friction reduction property under low concentration (≤0.15%) and prominent proppant-carrying capacity under high concentration (≥0.3%), which enables one polymer to be used for both slick water and gel fracturing fluid by changing its concentration in solution, obtaining the new multifunctional fracturing fluid system .

    Compare with Guar Gum Gelling fluids and HPAM Friction Reduction Slick Water Fluids: At least 20-25% cost saving.

    The Associative Polymer GRF-1H products have the great properties as followsing:

    1.Fast Hydration: Under 20 C degree and Normal salinity water condition, the Powder GRF-1H polymer hydrated 100% in about 60 seconds;

    2.One Polymer for both Gelling Fluids and Friciton Reducer Slick Water fluids ;

    ​3.Great Friction Reduction Rate: With 0.05% GRF-1H,after 50-60 seconds, the FR could reach 80%

    4.Multistage Viscosity Control:The multifunctional fracturing fluid system is non-crosslinked fracturing fluid which can adjust the viscosity freely by changing the polymer dosage.During fracture network and SRV, complex fracture network can be formed by optimizing the flow rate and viscosity. 

    5.Good shear resistance: The non-crosslinked gel fracturing fluid has strong shear resistance. Under stable temperature, the viscosity almost keeps stable under shear, presenting good shear resistance. This can meet the operation requirement of high flow rate SRV. 

    6. Prominent proppant carrying capacity: The non-crosslinked gel fracturing fluid has good proppant carrying capacity. Its dynamic proppant carrying time is larger than 120min, which ensures the successful operation. 

    7. Great Salinity Resistance:For salinity 0~250000mg/L, friction reduction rate can be kept at about 80% with 0.05%~0.075% polymer concentration for GRF-1H Series .  And the friction reduction rate can reach 70% within less than 1 min. Products presents good solubility, salt resistance and efficient friction reduction properties.

  • AP Seriel Products for Chemical EOR
    A novel water-soluble polymer that introduces a few hydrophobic or amphiphilic groups to the water-soluble polymer backbone.Reversible intermolecular association enables the polymer to get much better vicosibility than normal water-soluble polymer....

  • Our Associative Polymer for Chemical EOR could afford up to 110 C degree,100,000 ppm salinity, 7000 ppm hardness.The polymers have been widerly used in many big oil fields in China with more than 28 years.

    R&D Technical Services:We could process the non-charge lab testing for your current or future Chemical EOR projects.Such as polymer screening,chemical formulation testing,chemical EOR system design, single well pilot testing, 5 pattern wells pilot testing,and so on.

    The field application as follows:

    1. Offshore Polymer flooding: Heavy Oil, Offshore polymer flooding project.
    2. Oil field Polymer flooding: Super high salinity,Super high hardness, High temperature.
    3. SP flooding: Heavy Oil, high temperature.
    4. ASP flooding: ASP Flooding after their polymer flooding;

    Compare with regular HPAM:

    1. Cheaper:At least saving 15-20% polymer chemical cost compare with HPAM: due to our lower consumption of products to get the target viscosity; 
    2. Same viscosity to get higher oil recovery : our associative polymer products could obtain 5-10% higher oil recovery;
  • ZND Products for Deep-Profile Control and Plugging
    The Non-crosslinked ZND gel is a kind of physically crosslinked (rather than chemically crosslinked) and highly viscoelastic structural fluid. Under low velocity or no flow, inner structure can be formed and gets stronger with time....

  • The ZND gel can flow to deep formation and obtain strong vertical and horizontal conformance control capacity, and under the physical plugging and viscoelasticity, much higher force, namely threshold pressure, is required to recover the flow or breakthrough. It can selectively plug the high permeability channels, and force the follow up injected water to flow into medium-low permeability layers.

    The ZND for Deep Profile Control & Plugging have the following characterstics:

    • High threshold pressure (Profile control)
    • Good injectivity  ( Large volume deep in the reservoir)
    • Good viscosification  (Strength of gel)
    • Thinning resistance   (Problems with thinning)
    • Structural fluid  (Problems with shearing,Threshold pressure.)
    • High viscoelasticity ( Overall advancement)
    • Long-term stability  (Long-term effectiveness)


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