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Over 65 years manufacturing experience in the O&G industry.

Composite Frac plugs, Bridge plugs, Frac tools, Wireline, MWD. Keystone Engineering is a versatile made-to-order manufacturing Co capable of producing all machined parts and also turnkey assemblies that combine composite, rubber and metal material with rigorous electrical, pressure, and high temperature performance specs for downhole applications.


  • Contract Manufacturing Services
    With over 65 years of experience, Keystone Engineering Co. is a versatile made-to-order manufacturer capable of producing machined parts and turnkey assemblies consisting of our advanced composite materials, metals, rubbers, and other various materials....

  • Contract Manufacturing Services

    Our materials and products maintain a proven reputation of quality and performance in the oil industry.

    Tooling, fixtures, gauges, molds, presses, and special proprietary equipment are designed and built in-house.

    Turnkey Assembly

    We have a proven track record of working directly with our customers and their associates to meet and exceed project goals. Our primary concerns are to bring to market a high quality product to specification within designated time restraints. We manage the complete manufacturing process for our customers. All projects are well received and the upmost attention is given toward all project requirements.

    Composite material fabrication, precision machine work, and product assembly are performed in-house.

    We have proprietary adhesive techniques for metal-composite-rubber sealing using our void-free resin system. Rubber mandrel wrapping services may be performed in-house or outsourced to an approved vendor.

    Precision Machine Shop

    We have the machining capacity to ensure on-time delivery, and our machining capacity is continually growing. Our manufacturing facilities cover over 83,000 square feet with over 100 machines. We utilize:

    • Over 60 machines at our main facility with capabilities of machining composites, rubber and metal materials,
    • 25 machines at a second facility specializing in the machining of large metal parts and complex features,
    • 18 machines at a third facility specializing in the machining of composites,
    • 41 composite fabrication machines.

    Our precision machine shop guarantees excellence in workmanship of machined parts.

    Our machining capabilities include:

    • Small and large part machining of parts up to twenty-five feet in length
    • Complex feature machining utilizing our five and six-axis mills or highly accurate turn-mills
    • Wire and Plunge EDM work
    • Offset mill and lathe work
    • Gun drilling
    • Threading

    Various material machining

    Our material machining experience includes, and is not limited to: Composite Materials, Stainless Steel, Inconel, P 550, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, Tungsten, Stellite, 4140-series Steel Metals, Rubber, and Plastics.


    We cut a full range of internal and external threads in-house. Our in-house threading experience includes: API, ACME, and UNC type thread work. We frequently cut stub, buttress, fine, double lead, taper, and straight threads. We outsource inspection of API type threads and the machining of various premium threads including, but not limited to: VAM, and Tennaris Hydril threads.

    High-volume production

    Our in-house machine shop is capable of delivering high-volume production orders of up to 35,000 parts per month. Our machining capacity is continually growing to produce larger order quantities upon our customer’s requests.


    We will gladly work with your engineers through prototype development and production runs to ensure parts and instruments are manufactured to design requirements. It is of upmost importance to us that all products and manufacturing processes remain confidential.

    Repair, Restoration

    We have extensive experience and knowledge in part repair and restoration of downhole composites and metal instruments. Repair and restoration projects are determined on a case-by-case basis following inspection of the part at our facility.

    Local Pick-up and Delivery

    We provide pick-up and delivery services of products within a fifty mile radius of our Sidney location.

    Engineering Services

    We will work with your engineers to provide our knowledge and expertise with our composite materials. We have on staff multiple registered professional engineers with hands-on experience in utilizing technology and materials suitable for downhole, geophysical, aerospace, marine, and chemical use.

    Outside Processes

    We maintain an approved vendors list for all outside processes. Through our local network of vendors, Keystone ensures turnkey products requiring outside processes are delivered to customers on-time with the highest quality of workmanship.

    Surface Treatments

    We outsource surface treatments such as laser cladding for wear parts, shot peening of metals, phosphate coating, galvanizing, and plating of Nickel, Gold, and Silver.

    Welding and Brazing

    For critical hermetic welds that are Helium tight to 10-9cc/ sec, we utilize computer controlled Laser and an Electron Beam. These processes are provided by our affiliate company and used when assemblies call for close tolerances, dissimilar metals, or thin wall sections. Induction brazing and oven brazing are available. TIG and Plasma welding are used for non- critical applications.

    Non Destructive Testing

    Composite materials are tested for defects using non-destructive testing techniques at an outside vendor.

  • Composite Products
    Keystone Engineering Company is a leader in the manufacture of high-strength and high-temperature composite materials. Ultra-high product quality is achieved through proprietary fabrication techniques and resin injection methods...

  • Composite Products

    Fabricated composite material shapes include tubes and rods up to fifteen feet in length and various diameter sizes.

    High-grade composite sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses.

    Unique material shapes are fabricated with our precise custom-made molds.

    Composite materials can be machined to part design specifications by utilizing our precision in-house machine shop.


    We specialize in the fabrication of a superior epoxy laminate which approaches the maximum obtainable properties for a fiberglass reinforced material.

    Our proprietary tube and rod fabrication technique ensure excellent resin wet-out, resulting in a composite product with consistent material resin content over 30%.

    Our most popular laminate reinforcement material is fiberglass, typically E Glass or S Glass. We have the expertise to fabricate Carbon Fiber reinforced epoxy laminates.

    Various fabric patterns are well-suited for different tool applications. Our engineers are able to provide material recommendations regarding your material needs.

    High-quality, custom-made composites with unusual shape contours are fabricated by hand: integrating our high-temperature resistant, void-free resin systems and drape-able, high-tech reinforcement materials. Our innovative hand fabrication techniques have been practiced and improved since 1950.

    Filament Winding

    Our four axis filament winder is capable of producing advanced composite materials with complex, custom-designed reinforcement patterns such as helical wind, zero angle wind, high angle wind, and bottle wind patterns. Composite parts up to fifteen feet in length and up to thirty inch diameters are wound with E-glass, S-glass, Kevlar, or Carbon Fiber reinforcement materials combined with our advanced resin systems.

    Resin Injection

    High temperatures are used with high pressures to inject resin into reinforcement material. Injected materials include: Epoxy, Fluorocarbon resin, Polycarbonates, Polyimides, Aromatic Polyether, and other high-performance material.

    Polymer Matrices

    Our advanced polymer matrices, Kemlox G and Kemlox HT-2, are designed for excellent performance at high-temperatures and high-pressures in a downhole environment. Our experts will be glad to discuss how our high-temperature resin systems can serve your needs.

    Our Kemlox G material is used in downhole tools operating up to 350°F. Where higher temperature resistance is required, we recommend using our Kemlox HT-2 material. Kemlox HT-2 performs well at temperatures in excess of 400°F.

    Custom matrix materials are readily available for achieving properties tailored to your specific material needs in higher temperature environments. Our experts will be glad to discuss custom matrix systems for any range of material requirements for a variety of environments.

    Polymer Material Properties

    Polymer Material Properties Kemlox G Kemlox HT-2
    Radio Frequency Transparent
    Electrically Insulating
    Good Machinability
    Chemically Resistant
    Strength at High Temperatures Up to 350°F Up to 400°F

    Disclaimer: Data contained herein is based on tests conducted on representative samples, either from our own testing or from unconfirmed data supplied by vendors. Data is not intended for design specifications but for engineering consideration only. Information is subject to change. Keystone assumes no obligation or liability for any advice furnished by it or for the results obtained with respect to these products. It is suggested that the purchaser conduct tests to determine if these materials are suited to their applications.

    Reinforcement Material


    Our standard reinforcement is E-Glass. E-glass is a strong, radio frequency transparent fiberglass reinforcement.


    Where higher strength is required, S-Glass reinforcement is used. Compared to E-Glass, S-Glass has higher strength properties, improved impact resistance, and improved radio frequency transparency.

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is corrosive resistant, strong and lightweight reinforcement material. Compared to fiberglass, carbon fiber is stiffer, and has a higher strength to weight ratio.

    Fiberglass Laminate Reinforcement Patterns

    Our fiberglass laminate reinforcement patterns include K-143, and K-181.

    • Pattern K-143 is a reinforcement material with about 80% of its reinforcement fibers orientated in the axial direction of the rod or tube. The K-143 pattern produces an epoxy laminate with very high tensile strength and is ideal for tubes and rods in tensile load.

    • Pattern K-181 is a reinforcement material with approximately 50% of its reinforcement fibers oriented in both the axial and radial direction. It has higher burst and compressive strength than the K-143 pattern. The K-181 pattern is ideal for downhole tubes and thin-wall sections.


    Material Testing and R&D

    Our in-house composite material testing capabilities include: tensile, compression, flexural, and shear strength mechanical testing of composite materials at environmentally controlled high temperatures. We are capable of testing your tool designs with our custom-made fixtures to evaluate composite material strength for your specific tool or instrument applications. We have experience and knowledge in the development, testing, and performance of high-strength threads using our composite materials.

    Our mechanical testing capabilities enable us to research, develop and improve our composite materials. Testing is used to ensure high-quality composites with consistent material performance.

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