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Oliasoft Wellplan™ provides the tools to design your Wells

Brands: Oliasoft Wellplan™, an integrated software for drilling engineers. It covers the main aspects of well design engineering calculations. Test for free by registering at http://www.oliasoft.com/


  • Oliasoft Wellplan™
    is a powerful new and modern software for drilling engineers. Well trajectory, Casing and Tubing design as well as Blowout simulation and Conductor analysis. It has an open data exchange structure.


  • Oliasoft Wellplan™ is a powerful software for drilling engineers and oil professionals that meets government enforced regulations. It is an integrated web based well planning software and it covers all the main aspects of well design engineering calculations such as:

    • Well trajectory engineering

    • Triaxial casing stress analysis

    • Tubing design and HPHT

    • Blowout simulation

    • Conductor and fatigue analysis

    To test it, log on to http://www.oliasoft.com/ and register for free. Oliasoft Wellplan™ is modern software for professional drilling engineers.

    Anytime, anywhere, any device

    Collaborate and share work

    Integrated solution

    One source of data, avoid re-entry of information


    Standardized open data exchange