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  • SmartCrane
    The SmartCrane enables SIMOPS, saving up to 10% rig time and increasing safety for P&A and development drilling programs when compared to conventional campaigns. It can be retrofitted to existing cantilever jack-up rigs or fitted on a newbuilding design....

  • The GustoMSC SmartCrane facilitates SIMOPS independently of any operation in progress on the drill floor and easing material handling underneath the cantilever or between the work platform and the drill rig.

    Enabling a wire-line operation away from the drill floor is a huge advantage in development drilling and plug and abandonment operations. In addition, the SmartCrane provides a 20-tonne hoisting capacity underneath the cantilever at any position outside the drilling riser and also is able to reach to the main deck of the rig without “handshakes” or use of tuggers and rigging sheaves. This unique feature greatly enhances safety and efficiency.