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Huisman has been designing and building equipment for the offshore drilling market for 15 years.With the development of the Multi Purpose Tower in the 90’s, we created the means to drastically improve offshore drilling and equipment handling.This resulted into the design and delivery of 2 state of the art UDW drilling vessels, the Globetrotter I and II

Brands: Heavy Lifting Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Pipelay Equipment, Mooring Systems and Vessel Designs


  • Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT)
    The Huisman Innovation Tower, also known as the HIT, is a full scale (90m high) Multi Purpose Tower at our Huisman Schiedam quayside. The main purpose of the HIT is to demonstrate drilling equipment and test future equipment and systems....

  • The HIT will not only validate existing robotic drilling technologies with the manipulator arms and tools, but will also be used to investigate future automation opportunities. Engineered with 3.6 million lbs load capacity, the HIT was designed and built to prove the robotic advancements, including the automated tripping technology at 5,000ft/hr, using actual 180ft stands of drill pipe and running of 150ft risers.

    Testing under an angle is made possible by tilting the HIT. Dynamical ship movements can be imitated by rotating the tower side to side with desired frequency during operations. This simulates real-offshore conditions for evaluating developed and proposed technologies, including robotic pipe handling, the dynamic behaviour of smaller OD tubulars during operations, etc.

    The Huisman Innovation Tower was designed as another acknowledgment of the continually evolving nature of drill floor robotics, and their undeniable contribution to safer, more efficient offshore drilling operations.

    The HIT proves the market: the Huisman drilling designs and products allow for efficient operations: safer, faster and greener.